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Lie-in King | 15:00 Fri 28th Sep 2018 | Football
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Hi all! The last thread -

"expires" on Monday, so this one will keep us showing in Latest Posts.

This weekend (Game Week 8) looks like this -

Saturday - 8 matches, 1st kick-off 12:30
Sunday - 1 match, kick-off 4:00
Monday - 1 match, kick-off 8:00

Get those Captains sorted! I hope everyone is managing to keep on top of their teams? Some players are *still* not performing as might've been hoped for at the start of the season, but I for one am not using any more transfers just yet & will continue to hope for an upturn in form.

Keep having fun everyone & be well :-))

Sometimes in football you have to score goals
Thierry Henry


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Hi L.I.K, keep the faith they're bound to score some points eventually surely... hmmm I remember a few seasons back having that optimism with Mr. Rooney it was halfway through the season before my brain ruled my heart and had to be dropped. I'll never learn making the same mistakes again but others are pulling on their socks and getting on with it.

Nice one with the new thread, I'll wait until ten games in to post our latest league. It should start to have a bit of shape about it then.

If he'd done that, no one would have batted an eyebrow.

Phil Thompson
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Bump - a reminder to change Captains if needed. Just over an hour left to do so for today's matches.
Nice one L.I.K. I've had to use a few transfers today... wimps! There's no Bert Trautmann like player anymore.

Trip on a blade of grass and rushed to hospital ;-)
Question Author
I know, bless 'em...
All ready, got the liniment and sponge ready in case.

"We must have had 99% of the game. It was the other 3% that cost us the match. ―Ruud Gullit."
Good grief... I are really passionate when it comes to Man United... but it really comes to something when you're hoping that Chelsea beat L'pool, just so i don't hear the end of it.

Thank you Jose for giving them more ammunition...****!
^ just a small rant last Saturday, I was a tad miffed ;-)

I'm sure L.I.K. will be along to post but a quick reminder that there is a Friday game in the premier league this evening at...
8.00pm Brighton V West Ham
I'm sure I also don't need to tell you that both these power houses in world football have beaten Man United this season, having only played seven games.
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You beat me to it Arky, but ta for the reminder :-)

My teams are still struggling, though last weekend managed a few more points than has been the norm this season - no injuries this weekend means no more transfers for now...
Hi L.I.K, I've being slowly losing a grip on points and slipping away a bit so a couple of changes for me in both teams although only one was forced.
Well with the International break coming up and the last one now gone I will post the league after the weekend no point waiting for ten games.
Hmmm strange weekend fixture wise. All the big hitters playing, we think, on Sunday. Sooooooo is it be patient or bird in the hand is worth two in the bush time?
Perhaps take one option with one team and the other option with...….well the other.

"I remember being sat in there when there were no seats."
Neil Warnock
Strewth 8 yellow cards and more misses than Mississippi. Could have taken a flier there. Ahh well said the soul.

"You won't see a miss as bad a this but there's another one later." Martin Keown
You're not doing too bad Togo still leading the pack 1st and 3rd.

AnswerBank Fantasy Football League latest table 08/10/18:
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Good afternoon everyone!

A reminder that the Premier League is back in action this weekend, so it might be an idea to check your teams for injuries after the International break.

Sort any transfers you want to make & get your Captains picked. Annoyingly, I have (over both teams) 4 "doubtful", but will wait for the morning before making any final decisions on whether to change them out.

The weekend (Game Week 11) looks like this -

Saturday - 8 matches, 1st kick-off 12:30
Sunday - 1 match, kick-off 4:00
Monday - 1 match, kick-off 8:00

I hope everyone has a good weekend - be well :-))

Playing with wingers is more effective against European sides like Brazil than English sides like Wales
Ron Greenwood
Hi L.I.K, Back to the 'real' stuff again, yes I do mean Fantasy Football.
Luckily I have only one doubtful, the heart wrenching part for me is I have two Chelsea players but can't be dropped for one game only to be brought back in again next week wasting much needed transfers for later in the season.
I hope they are very shy tomorrow... Likely I'm sure.

I love your quote, I've never heard or read that one :-))

Good luck everyone, hope you chose wisely and have a good one.
Been in for a dust round, let's hope they give a more polished performance this weekend.

Good luck everyone.
Sorted just in time. Injuries and suspensions covered but still sweating on players being "fit" for the later games.

"Dion Dublin broke his neck, and never looked back."
Mark Lawrenson.
Ha ha I'm sure Dion was a defender... before SAF started to play him up front. In Marky Mark kind of way maybe that's what he meant ;-)
Last minute .. for the blues today... I must be the only Chelsea fan without Hazard in either team
I know the score, I watched the game... its sometimes difficult to have to wait sometimes as not to say any spoilers. I do know L.I.K. doesn't look in 'til after MOTD. The last half/hour wow!

I once posted abit of a spoiler, and had my wrist slapped by... BobTheBuilder.

btw... abit obvious I have Hazard ;-)
Wow. I got a real Captain's performance from a player today. 38 point game.

"The sun is squinting into the keepers' eyes"
John Temple.

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