England V Belgium

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NoMercy | 06:35 Thu 28th Jun 2018 | Football
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KO 18:15 ITV

How do you think we'll get on tonight?

I'm predicting:

England 3 - 2 Belgium.


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Sorry, 7pm kick-off.
wild guess at 1-1
I'm out with a friend and her 6 year old. Dave rarely watched the England matches, so a nice quiet meal. Well maybe not quiet, The child can't do quiet, and home for a glass of wine and watch the bats
Sorry. 2- 2
Let's have a look at the team selections first, NM. Win the group and we end up in Brazil's half of the draw. Runners up and we are in Spain's half. I believe we can beat whoever comes out of Group H in the next round, but who does Gareth fear the most? Despite all the talk, common sense will prevail and i do not believe he will risk injury to some of our most important players. And the same applies to Belgium.
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Okay, Ken, but just for fun do you have a final score prediction?
England 2 Belgium 1.
I see Farage and Verhofstadt have been winding each other up: Nige is going to be in Brussels (where else) for the game and has mocked Belgium for being an ‘artificial’ nation: so says the former leader of a party in favour of the independence of the United Kingdom of England, Wales, Scotland and part of Ireland :-)
NM; No, but irrespective of team selections, and seeing as how our 3 latest meaningful games v Belgium have been draws (0-0, 1-1 and 3-3)i am edging toward BTTS and a draw @ 3/1. :-) And, hate to be a bore, but i will wait til i see the colour of their eyes (so to speak) before placing said bet.
I'm being cautiously pessimistic about England's chances, reckon they'll lose a tight match.

At least in terms of future progress, it's arguably better to lose anyway, to avoid Brazil in the quarters, but that's less important now that (haha)... now that (HAHA)... now that (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA) Germany's out.
We seem to have better team cohesion than Belgium but they have some true superstars. I think that makes it a close one. I'd rather we meet Brazil than Spain, it would be better prep for later rounds if we can get past them
Judging by their recent ability to find the net in the first half, must be about 4-2 ?
They can break de Bruyne but I would appreciate it if the England lads could avoid breaking Hazard If Lukaku doesnt play then its likely they will have to start Fellaini. Ok lads practice falling down holding your faces today, as his elbow work could see him sent off with a bit of luck.... oh I am so cynical
I’ll be surprised if this turns into an all out battle between two full strength teams. As noted, with both teams through and a possibly easier ride for the losers, despite what has been said, it may not be a classic but who knows.
Russia got stuffed but the end result for them is a game at the Luzhniki.
I am expecting 'weaken' teams for both sides but having said that the squad players that will be brought in will want to impress and make a claim for starting in the knock-out stage(s).

I'm going for 2-2 therefore the amount of cards (Yellow or red, you never know) will be brought in to decide who wins the group.
Going to be a boring game, neither team that bothered about loosing (in fact it could be better) coupled with neither team wanting cards or injury so a draw of some description, quite possibly 0-0.
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How nice to be looking forward to an England match without the worry of "if they don't manage such & such, they're going home".

England 3-2 Belgium
I hope neither team plays to lose. It wouldn't be fair on the fans if weakened teams are fielded.

Was it earlier in this tournament that a draw was beneficial to both teams in the match - can't remember which ones - so they will all milling around not trying?

IMO, both teams should been DQ'd as what happened in the badminton at London 2012, with both teams throwing in ridiculous faults and unforced errors in trying to avoid a tougher draw.
Due to the fact that the "prize" for a victory is facing Brazil I predict a 0-0 draw with the referee being asked to blow the final whistle quietly in case it wakes up the players.

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