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No Loans at any level....

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Androcles | 10:54 Wed 21st Dec 2011 | Football
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According to a press article published today, FIFA have banned loan deals between clubs outside the transfer window from 2014 This will be a difficult one for league clubs to manage, but apparently FIFA have ruled that this applies to all levels of paid football even down to Park football level, where many non league clubs in the pyramid without great resources rely heavily on loans to cover injuries.

FIFA hitting English clubs in a revenge move?


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Hi- I'm not sure why this change could be considered as an attack on English clubs. It will apply to all countries won't it?
It's good news. It might discourage wealthy clubs from hoovering up players and keeping them sweet by farming them out on loan - and paying their wages for them.
I'm puzzled by the "revenge" remark: why would FIFA want revenge on the FA?
Yes, I think the loan system is open to abuse. Man City for example could buy up Van Persie and Rooney for example and then loan out Dzecko and Baloteli to someone like Newcastle, hoping it will help Newcastle take points off City's rivals
If how ever they allowed loans outside the league the club was in or even to teams in another country? I suppose a blanket ban is easier to explain and enforce
I haven't read the proposal and although I can see Factor's POV. It will be the lower clubs (all league and non) that will suffer due to the fact that 'Bigger clubs' have a larger scouting system and can bring young/fresh players into their club and are willing to loan out the prospective players to have first hand experience in first hand football. Which is beneficial for both player and clubs involved.

Another smart Idea from the Muppets at FIFA.
Loans should be banned to clubs in the same division.

If Man City loan players to another club in the Prem, then when you play that team Man City are affecting the result. They are effectively playing more than eleven players at a time aginst Prem opposition.

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No Loans at any level....

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