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Fake O2 Calls

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Rosie29 | 15:36 Mon 04th Mar 2024 | Spam & Scams
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I have recently had two of these - purporting to be from O2 and offering me a 30% discount.   I was immediately suspicious as very recently I had an email from O2 about a small increase in my bill and I rang them up to see how much the increase was.

I Goofled the two numbers and they are both scams.  I didn't keep them talking at all but looking at the online comments they eventually try and get bank details from you.

So O2 customers beware !





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Thanks for the warning 

Another scam doing the rounds at the moment, don't know if it's on landlines, mobiles or both, but all the person on the other end says is, 'Can you hear me ok?'

You obviously say yes, but I haven't been able to find out more than this.  Chris, do you know any more about it?




^^^ Just an urban myth, in my opinion, Barsel:

Chris, I was round visiting an elderly neighbour (93yrs old) and I meant to tell her about this but forgot.

While I was there, her phone rang and even though she didn't recognise the number, she answered it on hands-free and I heard a man ask, 'Can you hear me?' Just as she said Yes, I shouted to her, it's a scam, but she carried on talking and asked what he wanted. He said he was returning a call about her driveway, at which point she told him to ???? off, she hadn't phoned anyone about her driveway.

I'd heard about it from a friend of mine, so I'm not sure about it being an Urban Myth.

Better to be safe than sorry.😀

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Fake O2 Calls

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