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HongKongphooey | 01:15 Wed 06th Jul 2022 | Spam & Scams
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I think I have been scammed by this company. I went online to book flight tickets to Istanbul The hotel is already booked. (I paid with my Mastercard) I ended up on Skyscanner and thought I was booking return tickets with Turkish Airlines for 12 days from the beginning of Sept this year. However when the confirmation came though it was a company called Travelunravel. They duly sent me confirmation of the booking. All well and good until yesterday when I received an email from them saying the Flight price had gone up and I had to pay the difference or did I want a refund. I immediately requested a refund and since then have been fobbed off continually. I looked up reviews and apparently they are known for scamming people and refusing to give refunds! I didn’t even know I was being diverted through them by Skyscanner. I’m hoping if I contact my credit card I might be able to get my money back, all £782. But even if I am successful why are companies like this allowed to carry on trading ?? Looks like any good reviews are false. Can I report them to someone? I feel such an idiot, I’m so cautious with all the usual scams, but it’s like they hijacked the page I was on. I still need to book a flight. I think I’m gonna go to Hayes in the high street cos I just don’t trust online.


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Skyscanner is a useful research tool but I`d never book through them as I have never heard of some of the companies they quote and often their routings and stopovers are downright idiotic.
Those 1-star reviews make horrific reading 1ozzy. I wonder how many of the 5-star are fake.
Probably lots Canary, or they are real from people who know no better.
It was interesting to see how many other companies were affiliated through the website.
Steer clear of all!!

I've just checked out Travel Unravel Holidays Private Limited on the Companies House website. It's a legitimate company, that's been in business since 2010, however all three directors have addresses in India, which is a red flag to me. (That's not racism. There are many excellent businesses run by people of Asian heritage but I do worry about how much time a director might have to spend on developing a company when he or she is based overseas).

Further, I start to worry when the directors of a company are also (or have been) the directors of lots of other similar companies. It suggests to me that they might be working to the principle (or should that be 'lack of principles') that if one company goes belly up, they can always fall back on the other for their income. For example, as well as being a director of Travel Unravel Holidays Private Limited, Sandeep Raj has also been a director of Holidays Dubai Ltd, Holidays Thailand Ltd, Airlines Flight Ltd, Cheap Flight Fare Ltd, AirwaysReservation Ltd, Airlines Reservation Private Ltd, AirlinesFares Ltd, TravellAll Ltd, AirwaysFare Ltd, CheapFlightDeal Ltd, Voyyag Ltd and Voyagg Ltd, all of which were dissolved within a year or two of being set up. (Those are just his UK appointments. He might well hold, or have held, countless directorships in other countries too).

So the answer to your question ("why are companies like this allowed to carry on trading?") is simply that they keep on trading until people come to realise that they're dodgy and then simply start all over again under another name.

I've never been a great fan of Skyscanner. It's a myth that they can always find the cheapest flights. Airlines hate such 'screen scraper' sites, as many airlines make much of their money from 'add ons' (such as accommodation, insurance or car hire) and thus need travellers to book through their own websites in order that they can then be offered such extras. They therefore do their absolute best to ensure that their flights aren't listed on Skyscanner.

Having said that though, I'm no great fan of the vast majority of High Street travel agent either. Most of their staff have virtually no training and rely solely upon what comes up on their computer screens, which isn't always the best information available. In my opinion, it's far better to do your own research or to get an amateur enthusiast (who can allocate hours to the task if needed, rather than the minute or two that a travel agent can) to do the searching for you.

If you'll provide the dates of your travel, together with an indication of where you'll be starting out from, I'll be happy to see what's available to you.
The only trustworthy site.
You could make a nice little commission Chris.
Well, I take it that you're not interested in my offer of help. If you're still seeking flights though, I'll offer you the following summary of what's available to you:

The only direct flights from the UK to Istanbul Airport are with BA or Turkish Airlines. BA only fly from Heathrow, whereas Turkish fly from Heathrow, Gatwick, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh.

The only flights to Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport from the UK are with AnadoluJet and Pegasus, both from Stansted. As they're both budget airlines, they probably offer your best bet of sensible prices (and are unlikely to appear on Skyscanner).

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