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Guffus | 11:57 Sat 03rd Mar 2007 | Religion & Spirituality
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Why did God create the world?


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That rather pre-supposes that there is a God and that he did create the world, doesn't it?
Maybe it was one of those long dull Sunday afternoons.
He got bored and it was just something to pass the time before Antiques Roadshow came on.
It was a silly bet with some of the other gods down the pub. It just got a bit out of hand.


First "created"/caused were spirits/souls which came into being prior to the existence/creation of time and matter. (Somewhere within the existence of God.)

Next "created"/caused was the Universe, and "Time", which came into being at the instant of the "Big Bang" and allowed for the evolution of matter and the physical environment(s).

Next "caused" was the evolution of Life which allowed for the occupancy of matter by the spirits/souls.

Ultimate goal/purpose:

Acquisition of knowledge/experience by the spirits/souls and eventual rejoining into the Oneness of God.

God knows! What a mess! :o)
I think this short story explains everything:

Isaac Asimov - The Last Question

By the way, if you do read it, don't skip to the end. It would kinda spoil the whole thing.
Guffus...why do you ask?
I'd like to know how log God was in existance, before he decided to create the world.
Llamatron : That was worth reading
Hey Llamatron. He got Sunday off.
To glorify Himself
Theland... why would a perfect being want to glorify himself? How egotistical can you get?
So this God of yours created this world with all its sufferings and sorrows so that he could glorify himself?
Pathetic God you got there Theland...
Not to mention cruel, unjust, wicked, evil, psychotic, mad, insane....ooops, I just did!
If God wanted to glorify himself, then why do it in a way that would ensure (and in the forknowledge of) the suffering of BILLIONS of people?
perverted if you ask me..
When creation is perfected, according to His will, then He will be glorified.
wizard69 - what do you make of ethmers philosophy?
"when creation is perfected, according to his will, then he will be glorified"
In that case add on a few more million people that will suffer and hurt in order to "glorify" your fantastic God.
As far as Ethmer goes, I think he is as deluded as you. In fact I dont even bother answering him/her.
For what it is worth, I think that you have at least some semblance of a brain left to save although it is an uphill struggle I must admit.But persevere I must, in the name of sanity...
Thank you for your constant care and attention. I'm rather flattered having my own therapist. And you really do put so much effort into my spiritual welfare!
But, who knows, one day ypou might shout, "Eureka! Theland was right!" ( I pray).
Wouldn't hold your breath if I were you, Theland.
Theland, a perfect being needing to glorify himself? Isn't that just a tad narcissistic?

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