Have other planets discovered religion?

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naomi24 | 10:13 Mon 05th Mar 2007 | Religion & Spirituality
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A hypothetical question - or maybe not - but a look at the bigger picture nonetheless. Since science now seems to believe there's an abundance of intelligent life in the vastness of space, if god created the whole universe, does Christian doctrine apply to the inhabitants of other planets too? If the only course for redemption of sin is through Christ, has god shown his love for all he's created by sending his son to be executed on each and every planet in order to save souls - or are we just the lucky ones?


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A good question naomi24, Could it be that people on other planets have a whole different way of being. I think that if there is a creative energy source(God or whatever anyone wants to call it) then maybe the word "Christ" in our language meant messiah but really was just a metaphor for the message it was supposed to convey.
Also on other worlds the beings may live by a different order and not have free will that was given to us so as a species you could say we are an ongoing experiment.I believe there are creatures of a higher order or energy vibration if you will that not only help create this planet and all it contains but also hope that we would develop enough either individually or as a whole to assist in our continuation on other planets.
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Yes, I believe that too Luna.
The one thing I don't understand and this idea is reiterated throughout certain "Religion & Spirituality" debates is: If the creative source (God) wanted the human species to only return back to our origin giving back energy of our own through our physical incarnation and turning back to spirit then why did it give us the free will knowing the animalistic side of our being would do bad things?
If it is all only a test to see how we would evolve then it seems time and time again that humans have not and will not learn unless something cataclysmic happens.
Maybe that's why during all this turmoil regarding religions/wars and so on, that we get earthquakes,floods etc (not wanting to refer to biblical stories) to give us a wake up call.
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Perhaps man's distant past has nothing whatsoever to do with religion or spirituality. We have a space probe now searching for other planets suitable for man to inhabit once he's finally destroyed the earth, so maybe that's what happened in the past. Perhaps people with a technology millions of years in advance of ours came here, and because the inhabitants of the earth at that time didn't understand their technology, they thought of them as gods - told stories of the gods - and wrote of them as gods. I believe that's where the mythology of gods from around the world comes from - including the god of the bible, which is why I read the bible as an historical document rather than a religious one.

In recent history, tribes living in the jungle thought of our aircrews as gods, because they didn't know what an aircraft was, didn't understand radio, and saw the technology as 'magic' and 'supernatural', so just imagine how people in the very distant past must have viewed such things. There is plenty of evidence from all over the world to suggest that this is what occurred, and there's plenty of evidence in the bible too to suggest that 'god' wasn't really a god. Spirituality is, I think, an entirely separate issue and has nothing to do with any god who ever appeared on earth.
Yes that idea may also hold credence to the ancient earth cultures unnatural progressed states such as Egyptian, Mayan and Clacton :0)
The South-American true crystal skulls are also another anomaly that I find fascinating.
naomi24, I don't know whether you believe this but I found some notes on a native American's belief of our creation.
Leanar was a planet in this solar system.The remnants of this planet are the current asteroid belt.The planet was not very far in it's evolution when it exploded.The entities from that planet incarnated with the beings who formed earth.There were to be three planets in our solar system to be inhabited:Mars,Earth and Leanar.When leanar blew up,the life givers for Mars had not been created yet so Mars was abandoned.Every planet in it's evolution goes onto protect another. The earth will protect a planet called Demetra(That's if we get that far).
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Hi Luna, I have heard the theory that the asteroid belt is the remains of a long-gone planet, and that it's population settled on earth, but I've never heard this legend from the native Americans. I consider all possibilties, so there could be some semblance of truth in it. I consider all possibilities.

As for the crystal skulls - a real mystery, like so much found in the world, and in particular, in South America. I find the whole subject absolutely fascinating.
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ps Luna - dear old Clacton - the gateway to the stars!
I don't think you have to invoke ET to explain the belief in Gods.

Any species evolving intelligence will look at the sky and wonder what the stars are, what lightning is and look for explanations for all the things around them - that is after all to some degree what intelligence is.

They will not have ready explanations and will naturally put them down to a powerful entity invented in their own image.

They will develop a sky god a sun god etc. in the same way that so many civilisations on earth have.

Then as their knowledge grows they will gradually adapt them to meet their improving view of the world.

They will not reject them because people use the gods to wield power, both on a large and small scale.

I think that it's almost inconceivable that an intelligent alien species would not have a concept of religion.

However if they are running around worshiping an alien nailed to a cross I might have to re-think my world view a bit.

(Don't reckon that's too likely though)
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Jake, I agree that people will look for explanations of the things around them, and no doubt some will invent supernatural reasons. However, where 'the gods' are concerned, whilst they may have had the concept of religion, I do think the rational explanation for the myths and legends is that they were people from more advanced civilisatons. Ancient texts, including the bible, contain accounts of flying machines, and of things that today, with our technology, we wouldn't consider at all miraculous or unusual.
There are native Australian Aboriginal cave paintings from thousands of years ago depicting people with what looks like space suits and helmets on next to pictures of saucer shaped vehicles. These natives use a hollowed-out branch as a musical instument but probably know more about visitors from other worlds than any westerner.
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Have you seen this, Luna?

The religious artwork almost at the bottom of the page is interesting.
Pluto have discovered DOG
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Thanks for your contribution to the discussion, Gromit - most enlightening. :o)
If you can accept that intelligent life must have evolved somewhere than why not here on Earth? . . .

Oh! I see! . . . nevermind . . .
Hello again naomi24, Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you about the pictures you posted; I had a problem with my water (coming out the taps that is-not me personally).
I've had a real good look at them all. I've seen a few before but there are some real corkers in the midst. Do you suppose that because of the strong belief element overriding the actual presence of beings from other worlds as the deities so often mentioned, the powers that be(man-made) decided that any connection including illustrative references were hidden away so as time went on the idea would dissolve almost altogether?
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mibn2cweus, no, I don't think you do see. I didn't say that intelligent life couldn't have evolved on earth; I said that ancient texts, including the bible, when read in the light of today's technology, suggest that 'god' and the 'gods' of mythology weren't really gods at all, but were people from more advanced civilisations. Those civilisations may have been on earth, or they may have been elsewhere - I don't know - and I thought no one else knew either. However, I'm clearly mistaken because it seems that you alone do, so perhaps we should give up the investigation right now and just ask you what happened in the past. Scientists, historians, and I, have been studying this for years. Drat! If only we'd known you were so well informed, we could have saved ourselves a lot of work!
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Morning Luna, you had me worried there for a minute! With your waterworks all askew, I thought you weren't well!

Pictures like these are intriguing, aren't they? I have to wonder where people who lived so long ago got their ideas from. Unfortunately those who cling rigidly to their religious beliefs, and those who are sure they know what happened in the past and find it impossible open their minds sufficiently to consider other possibilities, either ignore them, or invent explanations for them (which is more likely). It seems rather than try to muster up the curiosity to investigate, or to admit they simply don't know what these things mean, because no one does, their answer is to ridicule them in the hope they will go away. Oops quick - something we can't explain is coming, so let's not even try - heads back in the sand lads!
If there was life on another planet, then they would still have the problem of explaining a first cause for everything. I presume.
I can understand that fear must play a big part in some peoples decisions to close their minds to anything not fully understood. I have always had an enquiring mind and find the subjects of aliens/craft , religions and anything that flies under the supernatural umbrella (to coin a phrase) is always worthy of debate.
I have met,as you probably have also, many people that will not open their eyes or minds to any of these subjects or anything else for that matter but if that is their way then so be it.
I've talked with people that have had close encounters with U.F.O.'s. An elderly lady where I used to work said while out picking spuds in a field, the tractor suddenly conked out and she said there was a sort of static electrical charge in the air, she looked up and hovering over the field was a thing that looked like a huge up-turned lampshade.It just hovered then sped off skyward.
I was in awe. Why would she make something like that up?

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