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wizard69 | 23:09 Fri 02nd Mar 2007 | Religion & Spirituality
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Theland, when are you going to answer this ture/Religion-and-Spirituality/Question361774- 4.html
or were you hoping that we would forget?


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I do live in hope Wizard69, but not that kind.
No, I haven't forgotten, and I will endeavour to make the effort. But I'm sure you will appreciate that it will be time consuming, and at the moment, apart from a quick blurt on AB to relax, I'm mad busy. I promise you, You will get an answer, even if I have to eat another slice of that humble pie!
Thank you,wizard69, for that nudge. And while you're at it,theland, you didn't reply to my suggestion that you should give up the bible for Lent, which is now in its twelfth day.
I do appreciate that you're a busy fellow, but how come you can always find the time to give us long sermons and copious bible references but never have the time to answer the questions you're asked?

Oh, I've just realised! How stupid we've all been! It has only just come to me in a flash of inspiration - you're Tony Blair, aren't you? He's a religious nut-case who always fails to answer the questions he's asked at PMQs! It all fits! Well, well...
Question Author
I dont hold out much hope of him replying chak.
God know iv'e tried to help him, I really have, but some people are to far gone i'm afraid.I fear that we may have lost Theland to religious fanaticism for good.If Theland really is phoney--sorry, I mean Tony--Blair, then Heaven help us all
Folks, I disagree Theland is a fanatic. Seems to me he's just a typical Born Again Christian, which carries a level of fundamentalism, and good luck to him with that. If he's responding with views some of us find unpalletable, and oft times he does, (is Theland male btw?) then surely that's the whole point of discussion? How boring would it be if we all held the same beliefs?

As for questions directed at him specifically, if he chooses to answer them that's his business surely, (although I agree that to do so would bolster his status as a spokesperson for the Christian right)
Whickerman - Thank you. You are so kind and I wouldn't mind being tried by twelve, "good men an just," if they had your sense of fair play.

Wizard you old rascal, you never give me a day off - even on a Sunday!

chakka35 - I am not in the habit ofquoting Bible verses, as my good friend Mr. Wiz will testify.
Sorry for the typing werrors, my cheap bottle of red wine, only drunk when shifts allow, (about once a month) is to blame.
Question Author dont deserve a day off and you ARE in the habit of quoting bible verses.Think Whickerman was just been kind!...
Wizard69 - Like I said, you don't give me a day off!!!!!
Mr. Wiz - I really like you. One day, we will go for a pint, and I'll bring my Bible.
Question Author
That'll be exciting!
Question Author
I'll bring my bhagavathi along as well so that we can compare notes. After all Krishna and Jesus' lives seem to run parrellel to each other, despite Krishna's life been hundreds of years before Jesus.
You may not be aware of such parelells (just how do you spell parrellels)? but they are there nontheless.
Your Jesus is a mishmash of pre-christian gods who came to earth in the form of gods to "save" the earth and atone for their sins...
Jesus is NOT unique
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Mani - Thank you for that - I have a problem that needs to be expalained. How could I betray my firend? How could I ever disown Him. He died for me.
Often i don't have the answers that would satisfy Wizard69, naomi24 or chakka35 to name but a few, but I would lose all integrity and honesty if I turned my back on my friend, Jesus.
I will never do that.
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Question Author
"imaginary" friend Theland.
I used to have them when I was a child
My "imaginary " friend is little Elvis, who is sitting right here, helping me to type this. And me and Elvis are off to bed now, for another early start, and another 12 hour shift. What a life.
"C'mon Elvis"
Goddnight all.
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Theland, I can understand you not wanting to betray your 'friend', but if you don't have the answers to questions others ask, surely you must ponder those questions and wonder? Just a thought.

Good morning all - Yes naomi24, I do ponder the questions that I am unable, at the drop of a hat, to answer.
However, I also ponder the fact that the situation unfolding in the Middle East, fits in perfectly with bible prophecies.
The accuracy of these prophecies is astonishing, as we see the players moving into position, lining up against Israel.
So, yes, I ponder all of these things, but if I am unable to find a historical source to authenticate a prophecy that should have been fulfilled in the distant past, I balance that with what I see happening around me today.
It depends, Whickerman, on how you define a fanatic. To my mind any religious fundamentalist is a fanatic in that he espouses, and declaims, dogma which has no rational basis and from which reason cannot move him. I agree that we should engage in discussion but Theland refuses to do so, evading every point and argument which is put to him.
And, Mani Hussain, if you think that Theland is well-balanced and intelligent then I would hate to meet anyone you considered to be unbalanced and potty. You say that he has no time to answer questions, but look at the time he spends on remarks and asides that address nothing. If you are now a fan of his please try to persuade him to sit down, think about and answer the points put to him by people who are genuinely well-blanced and intelligent. But I won�t hold my breath.
Theland, thank you for that, but when you ponder the questions you find difficult to answer, does plain logic ever tempt you to sway in a direction other than the one your determined to continue to believe - or do you just forget it?

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