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We Are All Going To Be Microchipped By Bill Gates

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nailit | 19:55 Tue 10th Aug 2021 | Religion & Spirituality
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Or Zuckeberg, or Branson, or the Rockefelers,
(insert your own brand of nuttiness here)

And then we will no longer be free to buy or sell as we please. AKA 666..

How come that these fantasies are ALWAYS in the future?
Never now?
Hal Lindsay was hot on the 80's been the end of times in my evangelical circle.
Not so long ago john Hagee was the in thing with his blood moon prophecy's and end of days.

These preachers come and go and life goes on. regardless...


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right oh!
No point! I can't see what a microchip would tell anyone, that smartphones don't.
Mine is a bit freaky sometimes... that I have a conversation with my daughter, and when I go to Google, it guesses exactly what I'm about to ask...
//How come that these fantasies are ALWAYS in the future?//

Anybody can "predict" the past Nails. No money in it ma mate. Predict the future if you want a job with benefits for life. You just have to "persuade" enough air heads to join the collective. "Glow Bulls R Us is the biggie right now. It has converts and fervid adherents all over the whirled and needs your money. If you do not fund it willingly then they are on the verge of making it compulsory for you to do so.
//Glow Bulls R Us is the biggie right now//

Have you considered offering your scientific expertise (remind us what your qualifications are,) to the IPCC and the vast majority of other scientists who seem to think theres a major climate problem???

Theres only one load of bull here
They got you years ago, Nailit, either the aliens from Alpha Centauri Samata or the psyhcos at Stoke Tent hossie......I wouldn't worry that much - unless they can read your AB contributions.
Question Author
Think Ive just arrived at Planet X
Has anyone bothered to read my post in full?
I have and I agree with you Nailit except that if something was happening now it cant be fantasy its a reality. Some people forecast using knowledge, some just guess and some enjoy spouting what seem outlandish theorys that they cant justify but at the same time noone can disprove it
I read it, maybe didn't understand it. Predictions are in the future. Yes. Generally wrong, yes.
Question Author
These are some of the themes doing the rounds on social media,
Christians are picking up on them
as end time prophecy.
Hagee with his blood moon prophecies etc.
(He's now dead and the world carries on...but never mind)

// on the pop?// foo the one liners flow thick and fast again

all purpose possy comments - BUT this is an age of the end of times. Lots of millenarial things happening - greece burning
california burning

I thought being chipped by Madonna was good

watchout for horsemen and listen for trumpets

I remember back when the laser bar code scanners were first introduced in the local quick stop. Everyone would look at the clerk like, "Where's his horns" >;^)
i dont think w will be microchipped i had a look at the ingredients for the covid vaccine they provide them for you you know and i didnt see "nano bot" on there
roadman, they would use the Latin name, Nanoious Boticus!
dont worry sir i assure you there is no nanoroboticus in the jab
There's no doubt Gates wants to micro-chip people. Pretty sure he said so. And he's definitely invested $millions in the technology. See Quantum Dot Tattoos for instance.
It's another one of those conspiracy theories which, sadly, will probably come to fruition.
With Bobbin and Tora vying to be the first ABer to get one.
//It's another one of those conspiracy theories which, sadly, will probably come to fruition.//
Can you give an example of one of these other conspiracy theories that came to fruition??
Covid passports. Lol, make them a bit harder, bobbin.

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We Are All Going To Be Microchipped By Bill Gates

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