We Are Living In The End Times

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nailit | 20:25 Sat 05th Dec 2020 | Religion & Spirituality
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Why are we?
A street preach in my home town today proclaiming the 'End Times'.
JW's on AB preaching the 'End Times'
Evangelicals preaching the 'End Times'

Where does this information come from?
Jesus and St Paul might have thought that they were living in the 'End Times' but the world carried on (for 2000 years)

People during the Great Plague could be forgiven that they were living in the 'End Times'
It must of seemed like it at the time.
People that celebrated the year 2000 could also perhaps be forgiven (Millenium bug etc)
Same with 2012 and the Mayen prophicies etc
World war 1
World war2
were both seen as 'End of the World' prophecies.
Add infunitem....

The world will carry on.
Wars will still abound.
People will still go hungry.
Earthquakes will still happen.
Viruses will still affect us.
And religion will still be irrelevant.


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JWs don't exactly have a great track record on foretelling the future though ;-)
who lives (or doesn't) will see
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Question Author
Do keep up 3T and read the post.
well spotted Nailit

ncreasingly in the study of apocalyptic new religious movements, millenarianism is used to refer to a more cataclysmic and destructive arrival of a utopian period as compared to millennialism which is often used to denote a more peaceful arrival and is more closely associated with a one thousand year utopia.

and you will find the study of this
millenarianism on wiki

particularly strong in plague years 1348, 1665,
you could say the Putters Debates were millenial

( one my frenz did his thesis at uni on Millenarial movets)

NOT only christian - the Xhose butchered all their cattle in 1856 and waited for all the whites ( settlers ) to die. it didnt work and they starved as noted by said whites

or you might not say that was millenarial
the world has lived for 4.5x10**9 years quite happily mankind is little more than a fag burn. Can someone tell me what effect we can possibly have?
If it ends, in such an incomprehensibly immense universe it wouldn't matter anyway
what are the "end times"? the inquisitive TTT
yeah foo you cd do one of your side splitting count downs TTT !

the end of the world is preceded by various odd events - war famine pestilence - plague that is - - all types
as a warning for the elect

then there will be periods of ecstasy for selected people

and bang! end of the world - dead rise - hell emptied etc etc

all under the title end times. I wdnt say the feeling is particularly strong now TBH
TTT; I think the fag burn is all that end times fans are interested in - they don't really believe in x10**9 years stuff. In fact they don't really believe in anything but their own little inner world of faith.
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I think I've finally learnt PPTB!
the world has lived for 4.5x10**9 years quite happily

and so there is a 90% chance that it will go on for 1.5x10**9 years more - quite right.

{please please god (millenial prayer) dont lets have a usual suspect clutch at his mother's hem and lithp: "mummy mummy does that mean at the end of time, the toof I lost on Tuesday will grow back?" worried about returning the thickspence primarily} - I mean anything can happen on AB !
We have always had wars, famine, and disease.
The pro ‘End of the World is Nighers’ forget that.

So when a we face a particular problem such as the middle east descending into war, they read it as a fulfilment of prophesy. Obvious Covid is read as another sign. The fact that we have constantly endured umpteen pandemics, epidemics and lethal diseases throughout our history, is lost on the people eager for the bible not to be a book of lies, fantasy and superstition.
no - yes sunk
we have had famines etc pretty well constantly
but not constant millenial movets
and so we can fairly ask - what brings them on /out to the fore?
Gonna need a new schtick, really.
It's always the end times for those who believe it.

Surely we only have a few billion years left in this universe.
Virtually everybody, '' KNOWS,'' that this all rubbish, because, because, because, and, eeeeermm, oh yes, we were here today, and yesterday, and I'm busy tomorrow, so so so so so so so and yes not met gods walking down the street, and I KNOW, I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!.

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We Are Living In The End Times

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