We Are Living In The End Times

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nailit | 20:25 Sat 05th Dec 2020 | Religion & Spirituality
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Why are we?
A street preach in my home town today proclaiming the 'End Times'.
JW's on AB preaching the 'End Times'
Evangelicals preaching the 'End Times'

Where does this information come from?
Jesus and St Paul might have thought that they were living in the 'End Times' but the world carried on (for 2000 years)

People during the Great Plague could be forgiven that they were living in the 'End Times'
It must of seemed like it at the time.
People that celebrated the year 2000 could also perhaps be forgiven (Millenium bug etc)
Same with 2012 and the Mayen prophicies etc
World war 1
World war2
were both seen as 'End of the World' prophecies.
Add infunitem....

The world will carry on.
Wars will still abound.
People will still go hungry.
Earthquakes will still happen.
Viruses will still affect us.
And religion will still be irrelevant.


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Sounds like all the evidence is pointing to End Times are definitely upon us then. So when do we think it's going to irrefutably happen?

Next week? Definitely not, that'll make us look silly when it doesn't happen.

Next 6 months? No, people will probably remember and pull us up on it.

Within the next couple of years? Feeling a bit better about that but it's still risky.

Some unspecified timeframe but certainly soon, in fact very soon, so you'd better get worried and stay worried? Aah yes, that's the one.
Question Author
//But you ignore the fact that God uses people//
Calvanist or Arminianist?
make up your mind?
All people. Good and bad.
benhilton, never accuse me of overlooking the holocaust.

//the world's political leaders , both east and west , agreed to declare the State of Israel and legally restore to the Jewish people their ancestral homeland .//

I’d take issue with the word ‘legally’ but apart from that, that is precisely what I’ve been saying. No magic required.

^That for you too, Theland.
No not magic. But miraculous.
God inspired His prophets, thousands of years ago, to declare His intentions regarding His people, and in quite some amazing detail, and it all came true as He said.
That,is quite simply, men being used by God, as His agency to bring about the fulfillment of His word.
You would have to argue against some enormous probabilities to suggest that it was chance, or even tenacity.
Theland, //You would have to argue against some enormous probabilities…//

Indeed, the most enormous of all being the distinct probability that you’re imagining it.
You are a poor lot mumbojumbo and you get nowhere perhaps his might help.

The first point is that Jehovah does not view time as you lot do.
To the One who lives forever, a thousand years are as one day. He is not restrained or pressured by time like you lot.

It would be unwise to think God’s patience for slowness, earlier Peter warned against—ridiculers, those without faith. Such ones mockingly say: “Where is this promised presence of his? Why, from the day our forefathers fell asleep in death, all things are continuing exactly as from creation’s beginning.”—2 Peter 3:4.8:9
And a second point that you can draw from Peter’s words is that Jehovah is patient because he desires all to attain to repentance.

Those who stubbornly refuse to turn back from their bad ways face execution at the hand of Jehovah. However, God finds no pleasure in the death of the wicked one. Rather, he delights to see people repent, turn back from their bad ways, and keep living. (Ezekiel 33:11) Consequently, he is exercising patience and is having the good news declared in all the earth so that people may have every opportunity to live, so the choice is yours.
Goodlife, //perhaps [t]his might help. //

I don't recall anyone seeking your help. Time you got over yourself. Your arrogance knows no bounds.
Goodlife - When my missus has a bit of a mood on, which has been known from time to time, usually if the day has a Y in it, she has been known to refer to us, her nearest and dearest, as, ''you lot.''
The phrase makes me think I have misbehaved.
Have I?
I think you're not thinking right Naomi we help over 500 a day.
Theland I judge no one, that is left to the one that will judge everyone.
goodlife, //Theland I judge no one//

Ho ho ho! (Just adding a touch of seasonal cheer to my mirth).

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We Are Living In The End Times

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