Religion On Other Planets.

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Atheist | 14:44 Fri 18th Sep 2020 | Religion & Spirituality
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If there is intelligent life on other planets, they might well have religions. Do christians here think that god would have sent them a version of Jesus?


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A quick check with google confirms there are at least 200 billion galaxies containing unimaginable billions of planets - our galaxy alone hosts at least 100 billion. Don’t you think it’s rather arrogant to claim that this insignificant speck of dust that we call home is unique?
08:00 Sat 19th Sep 2020
Theland, have you been watching American videos again?
Theland. I think you misunderstand Nirvana.

Every time we exist, we suffer. The only true peace, true freedom from suffering, is to cease to be.

Utter peace, no feeling, no sounds, no pain or hunger. Perfect bliss.

That is the goal; that is Nirvana.

Perhaps your heaven is a similar state.
Vulcan, thanks for the post. A common misunderstanding I'm afraid. The bible is far far more trustworthy than you think.

Naomi, British and American. Even a Welshman.

Allen, if I believed that I would jump off the roof right now!
(Well after I'd borrowed a ladder from next door neighbour!)
Who were they, Theland? A tribute group to the Three Stooges?
Close! Dinesh D'Souza, Fox News, The Rubin Report, Denis Prager, and others.

(Is that the Holy Trinity? God forgive you!)
God forgive me? What for?
Blaspheming the Holy Trinity? Three Stooges?
If you were catholic you would be doing hail Marys all day!
Need sleep. Catch you later.
G'morning Theland.......If you are bringing in a Welshman to support your beliefs, you have got me interested ,because I live in Wales. Whose the chap. ?

Does the mystery man believe as you do and don't.!!

You believe in the Universe but firmly reject that there could be life on other planets.

You have said to Naomi....."so you believe in magic? Something from nothing for no reason? Brilliant!"
Couldn't such a remark also refer to you.? Perhaps not, if you can tell us how and what created your God.

Theland. I suspect your medication is overtaking your normal reason. Why should the Nirvana I described prompt anyone to take their own life (and thus repeat the cycles of suffering)?

Try this:

Everything changes, everything passes,
Thing appearing, things disappearing.
But when all is over – everything having
appeared and ha­­­­­ving disappeared,
Being and extinction both transcended. –
Still the basic emptiness and silence abides,
And that is blissful Peace.

Makes me smile, and breathe deeply. You?

As long as the tone of the posts remains friendly, I am happy to discuss, but sometimes taking flak for my beliefs wears me down.

The Welshman is the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams. Highly intelligent, far beyond me, but fascinating.

Regards Buddhism, as I said earlier, its a mystery how Sidharthur came to his conclusions, but the prophetic accuracy of the bible originally convinced me that it was true.
But the main thing is the experience of knowing Jesus Christ, and how it changes people, especially me.
I am still struggling to live the life, but it is a journey I am on and change still happens.
Allen, experiencing peace in non existence is a strange concept, as you wouldn't experience anything, would you?
Yes, that made me smile :-)
Thanks Theland for identifying the welshman you admire. I wouldn't place my trust in someone who is a climate activist and joins demonstrations which get out of control. Furthermore, it is very possible that you have more faith in an Almighty than he does

Nevertheless, my having brushed aside 'the red berried tree' I request that you comment on the other remarks I made in my earlier posting.


Hans - A common misconception, was God created? No.
God is the first cause of everything, has within Himself, His own cause and being.u
A universe from nothing is illogical. There has to be a first cause, otherwise there is infinite regression, yes?
Again, the reliability of the bible reveals the reality of God.
Well worth investigating.

Rowan Williams? I admire his brain more than his faith.
Sorry Theland, you'll have to do better than say that "A universe from nothing is illogical. There has to be a first cause." Permit me to ask, where is the first cause for your God.

Tell me Theland, were you educated in a religious school. Have you searched for the truth by going from one Christian faith to another, served on a Church Committee and encountered false prophets (Church Dignitaries who Do Not Believe).

I most certainly have.

Hans, we've tried. But god "just is" is apparently a rational answer...
pixie...Perhaps we shouldn't give up hope and try to convert him to logical thinking.. He did say in his posting at 19.42 ^^ "I am still struggling to live the life, but it is a journey I am on and change still happens."

Who know, he might suddenly think that a change of thought could be for the better.

Hans - No state schools and CoE church every Sunday as a kid.
Left it behind at 13.
Always felt there was some kind of creator, but never could define one.
Had Christianity explained to me age 30. It made sense.
The rest is history.

Use reason. Everything has a cause. That's logical and what we observe.
Science traces the universe back to the big bang, or some creation event, mass/energy, space/time.
There had to be a cause.
The bible gives us a revelation of the cause.
Prophecy proves the authenticity of the bible.
God has within Himself His own reason for being, He is the uncaused cause of creation.
As I said, an infinite regression, a cause, another cause and so on, is illogical.
A god just existing from nowhere, and creating an entire universe from nothing, is even more illogical. Why doesn't that bother you?

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