Religion On Other Planets.

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Atheist | 14:44 Fri 18th Sep 2020 | Religion & Spirituality
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If there is intelligent life on other planets, they might well have religions. Do christians here think that god would have sent them a version of Jesus?


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A quick check with google confirms there are at least 200 billion galaxies containing unimaginable billions of planets - our galaxy alone hosts at least 100 billion. Don’t you think it’s rather arrogant to claim that this insignificant speck of dust that we call home is unique?
08:00 Sat 19th Sep 2020
"Jim, doesn't codependence just happen through evolution?"

I'm pretty sure it does, but I still find it mind-boggling. I suppose the point is that the dependence was built over time and then selected for, so what I'm surely doing is just failing to look beyond the finished product into the history of its development.

My point, anyway, is that it's usually a mistake to assume that one's own inability to understand/explain something is also a bound on humanity's ability to understand that thing. All arguments from design commit this fallacy in one form or another: arguments from "irreducible complexity", for example, is merely the failure to appreciate that a simpler form can exist after all, because of the arguer's own lack of imagination.
Yes, I'm sure everything is potentially explainable, even if we can't yet. But it's better to keep trying, than give up and go with supernatural.
With (co) dependence, I know that dogs have developed more and more complex muscles around their eyes, for expression. Which other dogs don't relate to, but humans do. They are the only animals that have hijacked human oxytocin, which is both ways, so if small changes are possible... bigger ones are.
Everything can be explainable, but not everything will be. As I said earlier, that's what I hope at least! It would be boring if we knew everything there is to know anyway.

I would add that I am not sure how reasonable it is to assume that there is complex life out there. The story of life on Earth includes at least one moment of what might be called incredible good luck: that's the moment when eukaryotes (cells with organelles and in particular with mitochondria) came into existence. There's a lot to understand about that, but if there is one definitive moment that could be pointed to as massively unlikely even in the vastness of the Universe, it might well be that.
Pixie - '' In the beginning, '' means the beginning of the universe, not a beginning for God.
Thanks Jim x so theland, how can a god exist without a cause, but the universe can't?
Look back over the last few posts you have all contributed, the questions asked, the demands for answers for previous questions, and new points raised, and a growing impatience for me to prove this or that, and hey, I am on my own here, trying to hold multiple discussions with you all.
I said much much earlier that I can bet worn down by it all and that's true.
I am not devoid of answers, and defence of my faith, but not in the face of overwhelming demands and all time sensitive it seems?
I am a protestant Christian, and TOTALLY feel that Jesus as an avatar would have been sent (and probably is still going!) in the appropriate form to other planets.

I basically believe that if Jesus was who he said he was, he would do whatever he needs to do to display His value to those inhabitants.

He did say, after all, to "share the gospel with every living creature", after all. It would stand to say that he's done that before and will after in other places and/or planets. He also said he would return in some form, so that would suggest that he visits everywhere from time to time, in whatever way he needs to manifest.
Not time-sensitive, theland. I've been asking the same questions to you for years, and just patiently waiting still.
It just seems if I ask any direct questions, they are ignored or avoided or you disappear to start a different thread. Fair enough, but if you aren't sure of your answers, you can see why it isn't helpful? X
Pixie - Muscles around dogs eyes? Yes! Darwin observed similar on the Galaplgos islands with the finches beaks.
Its called micro evolution. We breed animals for different purposes using this.
So big changes are possible? Any observations on that?
Pixie - The best you can offer is to say, ''I don't know.''

Can you speculate on whatever evidence you have?
It's the best, because it's true. I don't have beliefs, I'm an atheist. I'm ok with science trying to find out what it can, with actual proof, even if the answers aren't there yet.
Nobody observes evolution, it's over far too long a time for anyone to see... but clearly, when small changes are made for the benefit of a species, over time... that will multiply. You don't need that explaining.
I don't think I'm demanding anything, at least not soon. Nor am I meaning to put you on the defensive in any way other than the superficial "you ought to explain the view you're trying to argue for in more persuasive terms".

What I would say is that you do seem to feel "attacked" rather a lot, or on the defensive rather a lot. Given other stuff you've posted beyond these sorts of topic that doesn't surprise me, and I fully sympathise with it as a reaction. If that happens, can I suggest that you just take a pause before jumping back in? It does nobody any good to constantly feel on the defensive, to constantly feel persecuted.
Jim 360 - Thank you.
Other things take my time other than AB but I try my best.
If Jesus goes from planet to planet, then I guess Santa has to do the same. Poor man. I thought he got a lot of time off.

This is part of the prophecies of Daniel explained, using the bible itself, and attested by the writings of historians also noted in Encyclopaedia Brittanica and other sources.
It is lengthy but quite comprehensive and illustrates how one part of the bible illuminates another.
Not that it's a competition, but if you want to look at Buddhism versus Christianity, then I'd suggest examining the 'Pie in the Sky' elements of your faith.

People suffer, so Christianity offers them a release: death, and then eternal life (without the suffering) in "Heaven". The more the suffering, the more the offering - the Israelites in Egypt suffered, so offer them both the Promised Land on earth, and the Promised Land in the afterlife.

The Buddha didn't go down this path. He said, 'people suffer'. There are ways out of this suffering here (by modifying your desires, by not being so acquisitive, etc), on Earth. When pushed about rebirth, he said 'Forget about rebirth; lead a good life here, now, and what comes, comes.'

And that's a good message for Christians too. Forget about how marvellous heaven will (might) be. Lead a good life here, now; that is your 'heaven' for all of us.

Jesus says something similar.
More later.
Are we waiting for the Second Coming?
@Theland....... I have woken Allen to have a sing-along to you, with myself and a few others :-


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