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vascop | 18:55 Thu 11th Jul 2019 | Religion & Spirituality
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Here is some good news as opposed to all the depressing news we get from the standard BBC news programs, Sky News etc


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One wonders what one has to do to "belong". As far as I know the churches don't hand out membership cards. And many still use churches for christenings, weddings, and funerals.

As for humanist marriage, see Nailit's thread on marriage.

I feel I have just been lectured, just not sure why?
With the advent of Civil Partnerships for hetero sexual couples later this year, I think all non religious will be catered for.
I saw this bloke on tv and to br honest I wasn’t sure what he was on about. Perhaps someone can enlighten me? Its my understanding that only Anglican (c of e) vicars can legally register a marriage as well as conduct the wedding in the UK? All other sects, churches and so on can only provide the religious part of the deal and a registrar has to do the legal part? So surely if you don’t want a religious ceremony, then you can just have who you like officiating and do the registrar bit, the same as say an RC wedding? Or am I missing something?
Woolf: You seem to be forgetting us Catholics, Baptists, United Reformed etc.
No idea about Baptists or URC’s which is why I am asking. I attended a couple of Roman Catholic weddings in the 80’s and the celebrating priest definitely was not a registrar which is also why I am asking the question.

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