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Theland | 11:54 Mon 08th Jul 2019 | Religion & Spirituality
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If you don't believe in God, then you don't believe God created life.
But the secular materialist scientists have found it impossible to create even the simplest life form in the laboratory.
So, do you have an explanation?


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Sorry Theland, you're setting yourself up once more. Better to try hitting your head against a brick wall.
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Well does that mean there no interesting answers out there?
Yeah, we don't understand enough about it yet.

Your question is akin to someone in the C15th asking what the Aurora Borealis was. It seemed like magic back then, now we have a scientific explanation. We've not completed our evolution by any means.

If you're expecting your rather base question to sway opinion towards a 'creator' it doesn't. Well, not for me (or hopefully any other sane person).
Life was created when two unicorns landed on earth millions of years ago.
"Of course science doesn't know everything - otherwise it would stop."

The brilliant Dara O' Briain as a response to the religionists who seem to equate science's inability to explain everything as proof of the existence of god.
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I don't have that much faith to wait around for the scientists.
You cut me deep there TheLand.
I certainly don't have the time to wait around for anyone other than scientists to explain. Especially given the theories of some religious fruitcakes such as Earth Creationists.
Nature has taken hundreds of millions of years to create life ... lets see what the scientists come up with over the same amount of time.
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Mally - I'll put the kettle on to wait.
They have put artificial DNA coding together and got life. They have also created amino acids that are precursors of biomolecules, and the building blocks of proteins and peptides.

In any case not knowing everything about everything, so one can do anything & everything already, is no evidence for not being on the right track. Time and again that argument will fail, only to be replaced by something else not yet known, that will eventually fail in its turn.
Trusting in strange guesses is no substitute for waiting around for the scientists to show what really is. But believe what you wish to until the evidence is found. We all tend to do that.
We can't create life in a Lab so there must be a god" right oh! PMSL!
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Is that what I said?
Keep your rubber knickers on.
Why do you say "secular materialist scientists" could they not be religious spiritual scientists trying to prove life cannot be created without a (god) creator?

Anyway I read somewhere that we have detected an unusual radio(?) signal from 13.5 Billion light years away - at the speed of light it took 13.5 billion years to get here. In a place that big anything is possible!
if the big fella is up there me old china, get him to help you with the gip you've been having.
Unlikely Tora, apparently he helps those who help themselves while moving in mysterious ways.

Sounds like he could be a steward and street mime artist at the Edinburgh festival.
Theland doesn't only know what did it, he knows the specific identity of the 'what'. Clever!

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