Errors In Bible Translation King James.

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Theland | 15:26 Sat 25th May 2019 | Religion & Spirituality
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Always knew there were a few translation errors, but the wisdom of the Bible remains constant.
If you read the Bible, which translation do you prefer?
I like King James.


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King James
some people suppose that it is inerrant....
but there various questions that arise
but it is magisterial ....

wasnt the NT 2/3 Tyndale
and the first five books - Coverdale?

Rev Boyes did write a diary about translating it
diaries were made out every day by those that did them so they could give an account to St Peter about ALL their actions
so it would be alot about how he felt
pretty sure it is not in print
My favourite is in Isaiah 7:14 where Ancient Hebrew word for "young woman" is mistranslated as "virgin" in Ancient Greek. The whole myth of the virgin birth stems from this.
My favourite is the Pidgin Bible.
archibaldy - I think that Peter Pedant wrote that version.

King James has a music all its own.
Unless you are fluent in the original language of the bible, you cannot be sure that any one of the translations is accurate. Therefore, you cannot take the bible literally, in any translation, because it is the word of the translator, not the word of god.
I prefer my's realistic, it's down to earth, it doesn't contain fairy stories and best of all..... It's what I choose to think, feel and follow. Common sense prevails and we are own god and devil, how simple is that!
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Poor you.
Theland...I don't feel poor I feel enriched because I am not dogged down by something that dictates to me. I feel that I have a choice....not something I can fight against or need to change. I know for sure I am in charge of my own destiny and so be it....please get a life that will enrich your soul...not one that dictates to you. Sent with feeling and need all the help you can get x
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Dunitall - many thanks. I assure you my life is not without its problems, but fulfilled as far as this life is concerned.
My main source of peace is the wisdom of the bible as it makes so much sense to me.
Mans wisdom and philosophy pales in comparison a d is without foundation.
"the wisdom of the bible as it makes so much sense to me"

But everything which disagrees with something else or which makes you a bit uncomfortable is a "parable", right?
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The bible promotes values that are beyond earthly authority, and not subject to the relativism that plagues our society.
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Jimf - wrong.
There you go! That's the so-called Christian's get-out clause! Anything in the Bible that you can't understand is because you're too stupid to understand the word of God and his purpose. You can't lose!
Many years ago I bought my mother a copy of the New Testament in Scots, but I don't know if it's still in print. It's an astonishing achievement:
The 23rd psalm in Scots is beautiful beyond belief, goodgoalie:
Thank you Jim - that is lovely. Hadn’t come across it before.
I find myself actually saying it out loud from time to time, just for the pleasure of the flow of the words.
Thanks, Jim, you're right. I also own a copy of Winnie the Pooh in Scots!

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Errors In Bible Translation King James.

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