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Proof That American Fundamelists Are Off Their Rockers.

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DTCwordfan | 08:09 Fri 04th Dec 2015 | Religion & Spirituality
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Fox News - "The answer to beating ISIS is in the Bible" Discuss?

What rubbish.....


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sorry, a typo there.....Fundamentalists!
Proof That American Fundamelists Are Off Their Rockers.

As opposed to (insert nation) sane fundamentalists?

Who might they be?
DTC....I don't think we needed any more evidence that American Fundamentalists are mad as a box of frogs....just ask any of them the Killer Question......"How old is the Grand Canyon"

No further questions will be needed.

Bonkers...all of them !
-- answer removed --
why do you have to have proof that American fundamentalists are off their republican rockers ?

can't you just believe it ?

It is after all a religious question

Now seriously (!) some of them believe in the literal truth of the Bible - to wit the King James Version - part of the package is that therefore you have to believe the translators in 1607 were divinely inspired - um yeah OK - and that all truth is in the Bible ... ( a bit like the Quran - all truth is there as well including pay your parking fines AND nuclear reactors )
and then it is but a small jump to - how does the Bible tell me to defeat ISIS.

and some people do it
PP.......Yes, some people do it, but only those people who have decided not to think logically and rationally, a skill that they seem strangely unable to master.

Al religions are invented, never let us forget that.
Talbot's astute observation appears to have been overlooked. Best answer right there.

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Proof That American Fundamelists Are Off Their Rockers.

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