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Am I very clever or is it a coincidence?

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chakka35 | 18:29 Tue 09th Mar 2010 | Society & Culture
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At least ten years ago I predicted that the EU common currency system would show its first crack early in the second decade of the 21st Century, when one of the PIIGS countries (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain) disobeys all the rules and gets in a mess. It will be bailed out through some fiddle or other.

More cracks will appear and by 2015 one or more of the PIIGS will leave the euro altogether.

This will cause such turmoil, and so deter the newer EU countries from joining the common currency, that the euro will collapse by 2020.

The countries of the eurozone will then be so distracted by their efforts to reinstate their national currencies that the rest of the EU will suffer from neglect and disillusionment, leading to the collapse of the EU by 2025.

So far, I’m ahead of the game. Greece has taken her cue already - and the second decade doesn’t start until 2011!

So folks, watch this space…


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Of course we know of your amazing foresight because you're telling us about it now and your latter predictions are far enough away that we'll all have forgotten.

Personally I predicted that there would be a major Earthquake in Haiti 10 years ago and am confidently expecting San Fran to go in 2015

Watch this space too!
I don't regard myself as being particularly clever or prescient but I've been saying for ages now that a common European currency and the EU are experiments ulimately doomed to failure. One size does not fit all and vested national interest will finally cause irreparable cracks to appear.

No doubt others on this forum will disagree. That is their prerogative and I respect their opinions as I hope they will respect mine.
Novalis, I think you're right, I just hope we keep out of it. But knowing our government (of all hues), we'll just have signed up as it all goes pear-shaped, costing us more trillions of pounds (Euros?) we haven't got!
Very funny Jake . . . Sorry Chakka. tee hee hee

Anyways, I'm sure you have evidence to back up your claim . . . U 2 Jake. ;o)
10 years ago that was probably the headline story for the Daily Mail most days
You forgot to predict that as everybody is leaving the Euro, Britain will join and will be left holding the Euro baby with no other members........ Oh, by November 7th 2021
Question Author
Fair enough, jake. That's why I asked whether I was prescient or just lucky. I can assure you that I made that prediction to a lot of people at the time; sorry I didn't post it here. As an honourable man I'm sure you'll take my word for it.

Of course we have to wait until 2015. That's what I said.

Briefly my prediction was based on the absurdity of having a single interest rate for 16 different economies, which will become an impossibility as that number increases. Anyway, how I arrived at my predictions is not the point. What is fun is that the first has come true ten months early. Nothing more to say, really. Let's wait a few years.
So how much money did you make at the bookies? Surely if it was so certain you had a punt (geddit?) on it?
I have to say that your prediction was in fact wrong as you are 10 months early. If you had made a bet, as bibblebub suggests, then the bookies would not be paying out. But all that aside, who is going to win the 3:10 at Kempton on Saturday?
Sure the apocalypse is coming some time around 2012 so don't worry about the finances. Watch this space.
I predicted that Gordon Brown will serve longer as PM than either Thatcher or Blair. I'm still on track to be right.
Question Author
Norberto - gosh, you're right! I withdraw. Forget I spoke.

bibblebub, I never said I was certain. Only time will tell whether I was right. A different thing. And, sorry, can't help with the horses. That is not one of the many areas in which I am clever.
Well done, Sandy Wroe. Glad I'm not alone. It's nice to have someone to help bear the burden of genius.
I really think that's enough of this nonsense. You'll have a good jeer, I expect, in 2015.
I predicted 62 years ago that world opinion would one day be formed by a group of mega-brains all linked together. It came to pass that """""ANSWERBANK"""""""
eventually dominated the time space continuum.
my gosh, if this isn't clear evidence for the existence of the paranormal, I don't know what is.
If you made your prediction over 10 years ago, you were particularly prescient, given that Greece didn't join until 9 years ago.
///Briefly my prediction was based on the absurdity of having a single interest rate for 16 different economies, which will become an impossibility as that number increases. ///

Wonder why you think that.

How many different economies are there in the US? Seems to work ok there.....

California has a GDP of $1.6 Trillion (1,622,116 Million) compared to Vermont who have a GDP of $23,000 Million (23,000 Million).

The UK has a GDP of Eu 1.8 Trillion compared to Latvia who has a GDP of Eu 23,000 Million.
I predict that the Euro will achieve parity with the £ during the next parliament. Not too much crystal ball gazing there.

It seems the weakness of our governments to take the easy way out by letting our currency slip ever since we were on the gold standard.

The demise of our currency has followed the demise of our country!
I think Paranoid is the word you seek !
Question Author
That who is seeking, brionon?

Quite right, rojash. It was only PIIS then, so it could easily have been one of the other four. Let's see which is next.

And why are you all taking this so seriously? As I said, wait until 2015 and then get lofty. Meanwhile, there's nothing more to say.

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Am I very clever or is it a coincidence?

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