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Is Prince Philip a national hero or a national embarrassment?

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AB Editor | 11:28 Fri 12th Mar 2010 | Society & Culture
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Does The Duke of Edinburgh most recent gaffe involving a female Sea Cadets Instructor make you wince with embarrassment or do you feel Britain just wouldn't be the same without Prince Philip? The Story: Also, I managed to find these rather excellent quotes - although I am unsure if they are all correctly attributed to the Duke of Edinburgh! 1. China State Visit, 1986 If you stay here much longer, you’ll all be slitty-eyed. 2. To a blind women with a guide “Do you know they have eating dogs for the anorexic now?” 3. To an Aborigine in Australia “Do you still throw spears at each other?” 4. To his wife, the Queen, after her coronation “Where did you get the hat?” 5. To a driving instructor in Scotland “How do you keep the natives off the booze long enough to get them through the test?” 6. To the President of Nigeria, dressed in traditional robes “You look like you’re ready for bed!” 7. On the London Traffic Debate “The problem with London is the tourists. They cause the congestion. If we could just stop tourism, we could stop the congestion.” 8. After the Dunblane shooting “If a cricketer, for instance, suddenly decided to go into a school and batter a lot of people to death with a cricket bat, which he could do very easily, I mean, are you going to ban cricket bats?” 9. To a student who had been trekking in Papua New Guinea “You managed not to get eaten, then?” 10. To the matron of a hospital in the Caribbean “You have mosquitos. I have the Press” All the best, Spare Ed

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Is Prince Philip a national hero or a national embarrassment?

  • National Hero - 17 votes
  • 55%
  • National Embarrassment - 14 votes
  • 45%

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He's funny...
He's fabulous isn't he?

He's like your mad (if slightly posh!) grandad who comes out with amazing gaffes and embarrasses the hell out of you.
He is slightly older than my grandad who says similarly irreverent things. Trouble is, I can't help but laugh. Harmless old duffer really.
They're from an un pc era.
Question Author

Thee was supposed to be a poll here.

One moment.
I think he's excellent.
I don't think he's at all serious in what he says.
Bearing in mind, the guy isn't stupid nor is he insensitive. He is a decorated war hero, and has done plenty since.

I think he has an image to live up to, and does it admirably. Everybody loves their slightly insane grandad
He's a daft owld bugger who probably can't even remember being where he was at the time and he just says what everyone else thinks ..
what's wrong with
I like him and can't wait for his next gaff !
Bobbi ♥
I think he's fab. Who cares whether he's a tad politically incorrect? He's nearly 90 For Funks Sake - and at least he has a sense of humour rather than a stiff upper royal lip.
national heroes are people like Nelson and Churchill who do something, not people like Philip who pocket my money, live in palaces and go round the world making sexist and racist remarks. At least I can refuse to fund Barmaid's granddad - he's not getting another penny from me, Barmaid, not after that remark about the Chinese girl and the archbishop.
He's a Greek/Danish Cretin,and will be dead soon.
Thank Goodness!
PS:~He was a cretin back before he married QE2 too.
JNO i think you've been outvoted mate. Democracy in action.

And on your hero point, these are some of his exploits during WW2
He was involved in the Battle of Crete,
Was mentioned in despatches for his service during the Battle of Cape Matapan, Was awarded the Greek War Cross of Valour
Duties of lesser glory included stoking the boilers of the troop transport ship RMS Empress of Russia.

Prince Philip was promoted to sub-lieutenant after a series of courses at Portsmouth in which he gained the top grade in four out of five sections.
In June 1942, he was appointed to the V&W class destroyer and flotilla leader, HMS Wallace, which was involved in convoy escort tasks on the east coast of Britain, as well as the allied invasion of Sicily.
Promotion to lieutenant followed on 16 July 1942. In October of the same year, at just 21 years of age, he became first lieutenant of HMS Wallace and one of the youngest first lieutenants in the Royal Navy.
In 1944, he moved on to the new destroyer, HMS Whelp, where he saw service with the British Pacific Fleet in the 27th Destroyer Flotilla. He was present in Tokyo Bay when the instrument of Japanese surrender was signed.
aye but a good looking one Mr
I am 87 and fought through WW2.
I didn't get any medals,because I wasn't from a royal house.
Bring back the guillotine I say!
Methinks bobjugs is after a MBE or such for @rselicking!
It's amazing how quickly royals get promoted in the services, isn't it? Even Edward got into the marines, though not very far, and is now colonel-in-chief of three regiments, a mighty deterrent to all our enemies.

However, convoy duty does not make you a national hero.
Phillip is good looking?
Should have gone to specsavers!LOL
ah but jno,
It was the Marines that Edward wanted to get into HIM! LOL
Oh he was a looker in his early days Mr V as handsome as anything,,lol
Mr Veritas, you are coming very close to being sent to the Tower...
Mr V, how come you didn't get any? My Grandfather wasn't from a royal household yet still had his Mediterranian (sp?), North Africa, etc campaign medals. As for MiD, my boss isn't a royal (in fact he's a skip-licking moron) but he got his MiD for an act of courage that most of wouldn't have thought possible.

Mr V there is no way i'd ever get an MBE with my record lol. I'm lucky i've still got a job

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