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How The Hypocrite Tories Are Milking The System At Our Expense

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Hymie | 11:16 Sat 23rd Mar 2024 | Society & Culture
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Halleluiah, Praise the Lord




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One word really CROOKS!!

Fit lass though. :)

" fit lass though ' ....... for a Tory !!!

Sexism,Doug,sexism.However.Up here in Scotland it is the SNP filling their boots.Still 600 grand missing from the SNPs accounts.And they punt thousands into the hands of Palestinian terrorists hands.Makes you proud to be a Scot.

Nice one Hymie ,,,No doubt this pair of milkers are pals with Baroness Mone and husband. They just can't keep their fingers out of the till can they.

A bit like Mr and Mrs Murrell,Gulliver?

Question Author

Where’s TTT when the Tories need someone to defend their indefensible behaviour?

Read Tories,read SNP,Hymie.

As it said @3.19mins into the video. They were not breaking Parliamentary rules. Meanwhile the police are still investigating the Labour deputy leader who appears to have forgotten where she was actually living during a certain period after she had bought a 'right to buy' property scheme. A scheme she vows to abolish if they win the G.E.. As usual a case of 'I'm all right Jack. Pull up the ladder.'

That's hypocrisy matey.

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How The Hypocrite Tories Are Milking The System At Our Expense

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