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Why Do I Feel Embarrassed About Looking Young?

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Tom9348 | 17:27 Fri 16th Feb 2024 | Society & Culture
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So I'm almost 26 years old and today I was out for a meal. When I ordered my meal I also ordered a pint of fosters, I was refused the drink because the waitress didn't think I was old enough and I didn't have my drivers licence with me to prove otherwise. I explained that I'm nearly 26 years old, as did my family members who were with me, but they still said I didn't look old enough, so I had to order a soft drink. I have to say I felt a little humiliated and self conscious afterwards



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Should've just left immediately.

You are very fortunate to look younger than your years, always carry ID so you can prove your age.  At 26 you should be used to that by now

It's natural - I feel embarrassed at looking so handsome. George Clooney - eat your heart out!

Don't worry,time will catch up with you eventually...  Just make i.d one of those things you carry  routinely,maybe a scan of your passport or driving licence and birth certificate on your phone as backup.

Well, if you look ten years than you are when you hit sixty or seventy, you'll be a happy bunny.

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Yes I of course understand it is good as you get older, but when you're in your twenties and people think you look like a teenager it's kind of embarrassing 

Could be worse, Tom. You could look terribly old for your age and have undertakers following your every stepπŸ˜‰

You can date younger girls without anyone thinking You are  a bit dodgy

I'm not sure about that DTC. When I was in my 20s I still looked under 18 and had to take ID to the pub; but it all changed.  As a 40 year old when I was with my children people sometimes assumed I was their grandad. When I was in my early 50s some people assumed I'd returned to work  boost my retirement pension income.

My son looked young for his age and carried ID with him everywhere, he also grew a beard which helped a bit. He's now in his mid thirties and age is catching up with him.

If you don't wear them plain glass spectacles might help, but not if you have a lightning scar on your forehead.

Lost count of the number of times I had to go to pick my daughter up because she had been refused entry to a nightclub. They never believed she was in her early 20s.  Now in her late 50s, she could pass for mid 40s.

Shop staff are told to ask for ID from anyone who looks under 25 so it's no surprise.

My son and his wife have always looked much younger than their age.  When I first met his wife I has a shock because at 19 she looked about 14. I was concerned! He was 23.  Hes nearly 41 now and still looks much younger than that.  His mates look so much older.  I suppose it's genetics.  He's not asked for ID any more, and she just recently told me that people have now stopped asking for ID.  Much better to look younger than older.  Just make sure you always have ID on you. 

I was asked for ID when I applied for a card some years ago in B&Q to get the over 65 discount on a Wednesday!  I didn't complain.

newmodarmy - how old are you? I've been supping in pubs since I was 15, I don't think anyone thought of asking for ID proof until the 80s. 

I think having a good head of hair no paunch and a good shape keeps men looking younger.  Also having good skin. Smoking really does age people.

//I think having a good head of hair no paunch and a good shape keeps men looking younger//

Women too?

Make the most of it, it won't last.

Be young, be foolish and be happy as somebody once sang.

btw Fosters is more or less a soft drink these days.πŸ™‚

Of  course Dave, but women tend not to go bald.  

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Why Do I Feel Embarrassed About Looking Young?

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