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why Christian? why not Muslim?

Or any other religion Dave?

They're all full of bull, etcetera. 

There but for the benefit of reason go I.

"Scientific proof" as a phrase carries no meaning anyway, so I already don't need to evaluate it.

I started watching the first one - "the Sun produces more energy in one second than Man has created since Adam & Eve"

Couldn't continue - fell on the floor laughing! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Another talking head, this one let's the hair in his nose merge with his beard, and his glasses need cleaning.

I'd perhaps consider his views if he had enough self respect not to look like a vagrant.

Oh good grief!  Did he really say that, dave?  And there was I just about to give it a whirl.

'All combined, the sun produces 380,000,000,000 terajoules of energy each second. One terajoule is equivalent to 1,000,000,000 joules. 3,600 joules are equivalent to one Watt Hour, and, to offer some perspective, most cell phones hold about 5 Watt Hours of charge.

If you add up the amount of energy used by all humans on the planet each year, we come to around 580,000,000 terajoules. The largest-ever nuclear bomb produced contained about 0.00034% of that energy, blowing out at around 200,000 terajoules.

So, the largest nuclear bomb that humans have ever deployed is an infinitesimal 0.00000053% of the amount of energy that the sun produces each and every second. This is a useful example, too, because nuclear bombs and the sun share the same method of producing energy.

Here are some key takeaways:

In one second, the sun produces more than 600 years’ worth of human energy
The sun lights off the equivalent of 1.9 million nuclear bombs each second
All of the sun’s energy is produced by subatomic particles'

not a lot of people know that!

Is the sun not nuclear fusion and the bomb nuclear fission?

Where is the one from Hymie's mate Phil?

LOL @ TTT! 😊

Annyway, with all that power knocking about, will my electricity bill come down?

I managed about ten minutes of q droning talking head, encouraged by a guy with zero interest in actually challenging what he was saying.

But his underlying point was clear early on - he can't explain things with science, so there must be a god doing it.

The shaken logic of a man who needs the security of something explaining what he is frightened of not understanding.

Primitive Man did it by worshiping the sun - the most obvious thing in his world.

Sophistication may have evolved, but the simple insecurity remains.

I managed a few minutes of the film trailer guff of the first clip.

With Voiceover Man portentiously reading boring data, and then some earnest geek telling me it's all 'God's power'.

Then I decided to look out of the window, it's better use of my valuable time.

When pushing an obviously unlikely claim it may be useful to give a synopsis for discussion too.

AH: "But his underlying point was clear early on - he can't explain things with science, so there must be a god doing it."

Yep must be god doing all those card tricks I can't explain either! MAABOF the lot of them!

Judging from Khan's post, there will be no evidence, far less proof, given.


15 minutes and ½ hour vids. I may try them if I find time later.

This should perhaps need a thread on its own, but if rocketry ever becomes 99.99 % safe (nothing much is 100%) Would not sending nuclear waste to the already highly radio-active sun be a clean, neat option?

Khandro - As someone who constantly moans about threads straying fro the OP - what on earth has your last post got to do with science and God?

Sat though the whole of the first one. What a waste of time. No evidence of a deity whatsoever. Just quoting stuff and claiming it has to have come from God. Pure clickbait.

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