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Working From Home Isn’t Working

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naomi24 | 18:13 Tue 28th Nov 2023 | Society & Culture
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People are still working from home but one of the big London companies has said that anyone joining from now must be in the office five days a week. 

A good thing or not?



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I think that it's a good thing. The supervisors can keep a close eye on what everyone is doing. Any problems that arise can be dealt with on the spot.

Depends on the job Naomi  My son says he gets much more done without continuous interruptions from colleagues.But he spends a lot of time out and about and calls into workplace for meetings and to collect equipment.  So best of both worlds.

Obviously there is really not an answer .  I would have hated working from home but I never had a job where it would be possible.




I left the moment my last employer forced that on us. It wasn't the job I'd agreed to any more, and in my opinion, abuse. Meeting others is part of the job experience. Paying for heating and internet that should be company expenses, not to mention trying to clear a work room in my house so the company could save on not providing one, was beyond the Pale. I could see as the years went by how employees were valued and considered less and less by management who simply wanted to reduce spending yet expect the same results. Bar stewards the lot of them.


That aside, I'm sure the standard of customer service drops dramatically when 'working' from home.

In short, up the workers! 😁

It's savEd my son a huge amount of money in petrol travelling 50 miles plus miles to the company.  Public transport is useless in North Norfolk.  He gets expenses for travelling to customers!  Only a few employed by the company.  

As I said, depends on the job.   

Working from home has caused some real problems for owners of restaurants and the like. People don't want to get out of the house and just want to work from home. 

What really annoys me is the number of people working for councils who are working from home. I have been told by my local council that they can't deal with my enquiry as too many people won't return to the office.

It's okay if productivity doesn't suffer and people don't use it as an excuse to sit around all day in pyjamas. There needs to be a way of keeping track of what employees are actually doing and the number of hours they are working.

Another worry I have is that we are beginning to get a generation who are becoming inactive and socially inept. They shop online and very rarely meet people other than their own circle of friends.

There are so many jobs where its impossible to work from home, but, as in my sons case it's been a benefit to him and his small company and he works very long hours, including weekends.  In the case of councils, call centres,  etc I agree it doesn't work.  I t also depends on the worker and their work ethics.   

Anyone who joined the company at the begining of their contract to work from the office, and now refuses to return when requested should be fired. To answer the question, problems will only grow for the company unless everyone is treated in the same way. You cant force some to work from the office, and others doing much the same job to do as they like.

Personally think it's a good thing.  Office for working and home for relaxing and socialising.  Keep the two separate.

I think it's a good thing. My son works for a London company from home. I think it would do him good to get back into the office, even though the commuting was tedious and expensive. He needs to see other faces apart from his wife, who also works from home. 
Regarding production, it's got to be better to be able to discuss things with colleagues face to face than communicate through awkward Zooms and Teams

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Working From Home Isn’t Working

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