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A Policeman's Lot Is Not A Nappy One!

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Atheist | 23:21 Wed 29th Nov 2023 | Society & Culture
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Researching for my story I came across this. The poor old bobbies have a lot to get their heads round. They are not really 'woke' 'plods', as some ABers seem to think. How many of you could cope with all this?



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Since people started walking around with cameras their job has become even more stressful.  An off the cuff comment can end a career.  Much of the population are highly critical of every action they take.

Their job is not one that I could do.



honour based abuse



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Not me.  It sometimes seems that a police officer's right to police is eroded year on year whilst the criminals rights expand.

The apparently lenient sentences sometimes issued by the judges and magistrates does nothing to support the police doing their job.

How anyone copes with watching vile videos of babies and children being abused, then goes home to their families is beyond me.   

Lack of public support must be demoralising 

I watch a lot of documentary police programmes and it horrifies me what the police have to deal with. Pulling over a drunk or drugged driver, reported by the public, the abuse, verbal and physical, and he had a machete right by his seat. Luckily didn't go for it. I think it's pure luck that a lot more service workers are not injured or killed in their line of duty. The abuse and threats they all get, even paramedics trying to save someone's life  can't be justified.

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A Policeman's Lot Is Not A Nappy One!

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