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As We Approach Christmas, It Is Time To Remember Those Less Fortunate Than Us

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Hymie | 18:07 Fri 17th Nov 2023 | Society & Culture
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Although 3 years old, this video details citizens having to do multiple jobs for little reward just to get by.

Shed a tear for them, and if you can find it in your heart, give generously to help these poor souls who are suffering greatly.




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Sarcasm is the lowest form know the rest.

I, I'm sorry, really sorry for anyone who's in real need, and almost destitute, and these poor public servants have brought real tears of sorrow to my poor eyes. I wish that I could do something positive for these sad souls. I shall go out, tonight, with my hoodie on, and a stout screwdriver in my gloved hand, and I shall empty all the charity boxes in my neighbourhood and I shall send the paltry few pence to any one of our sad servants. What I now need is details of the said, sad, servants' bank accounts so that I can give the said few pence to those who are in such need. Don't forget, you poor, deserving MPs to let me have details of all your bank accounts, will you? (Sob, sob, but with my pen at the ready.) 

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It makes you realise how much our MPs care about (and would do anything for) their constituents; of course I mean money.

I don't mind a little light hearted sarcasm. And politicians are fair game.

that is very naughty

you know Braverman ( brave Lady ! that is, braver than a man) wants to keep them all in detention over Christmas? That will  make them blub!

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As We Approach Christmas, It Is Time To Remember Those Less Fortunate Than Us

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