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God Is Not Great (Christopher Hitchens)

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Atheist | 20:39 Thu 09th Nov 2023 | Society & Culture
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Difficult to know what category to put this in.

I haven't read his book before, but he is devastating in his analysis of religious/irrational/dogmatic thought.

I don't believe that he hates decent people who happen to have faith.

I think that he hates people who condemn decent people who do not have faith.



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I'd always side with him over some wild-eyed zealot intent on making me a slave to a sky ghost.

No,she certainly isnt Atheist.

What a shame he should hate anyone whoever they are and then die without any hope of the future.

I read it years ago and it's still on my shelf with all the rest.   Hard hitting, yes, critical, yes, but I don't interpret that as hatred.

Question Author

Spungle. Why does one have to have hope of the future? My hope of the future is limited to the few years I have left. I certainly don't want to go somewhere where I am conscious, but nothing changes - that sounds like hell to me.

What hope of the future do you have?

Question Author

Naomi; I think that hate seems to be a speciality of religious believers (apart from people who still retain pre-religious instincts).

Why do you think that?

Thanks Atheist- why does one have to have hope for the future?  Enormous motivation I guess.  I look forward to the future every day.  I am looking forward to spending eternity with God. Faith is a huge strength to me daily.  I get it that some people don't have this, and as I said, what a shame for the likes of Hitchens and his pessimism. I enjoy listening to both of the Hitchens brothers but there is a deep brooding pessimism and darkness about them which is sad to see.

I most certainly am great, and I shall smite anyone who claims otherwise !

'opher Hitchens (I've removed the 'Christ' bit which must have been an embarrassment to him).

Should have listened more to his brother Peter.

er my brain hurts

religion = divine revelation + logic

It must be true - an SJ told me.

christopher hitchens as theologican - nie danke - I think I might erm prefer a loud mouthed ABer  ( I know there is something wrong with me) !

Have you read the book, Khandro?

//Have you read the book, Khandro?//

We have a copy here, which we've had a long time I have skimmed through it, my wife has read it thoroughly. It is certainly full of hate & particularly at Islam.

Hate can come at a price; Christopher died painfully of cancer at a fairly young age, and his more intellectual brother Peter, a Christian who appears not to hate anybody is still going very strong. 

Just sayin' 🙄

Just saying what?

Just saying some are more fortunate than others. Regardless of belief or lack of it.

Of course, it may simply be a case of the righteous being called back much earlier.

I don't think that's what Khandro is saying, OG.  I've a sneaking suspicion he's gone all airy fairy and mystical on us again.  I knew he hadn't read the book.

Just saying Allah gives you cancer, naomi.

Might as well, the rest is nonsense too.


 '...... Hateful feelings are normal when they occur sporadically. However, the effects of feeling hatred over a long period of time can have devastating effects on your mind and body. Feelings of rage and hatred build up in the mind, body and soul, affecting the body’s organs and natural processes and breeding further negative emotions. Hatred is a form of neurosis, fixation and judgment that is harmful to you. If continued, it leads to conflicts in relationships and to bodily dis-ease.....'

 Joanna Kleovoulou, Clinical Psychologist,

^sigh ...

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God Is Not Great (Christopher Hitchens)

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