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Are You Stumbled By Religion Today .

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locust | 11:24 Sun 28th May 2023 | Society & Culture
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Yes. Many become upset when Those who are stumbled in this way may sincerely believe that they are worshipping God acceptably . ( let's see what the Bible says( Mark 7:8, 9 Colossians 2 .8)Those who are stumbled in this way may sincerely believe that they are worshipping God acceptably . But they cannot please him if they prefer the world’s traditions to the clear teachings found in the Bible. When we love the creator, we will reject any traditions that displease him.


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Uh-oh, I suspect I'm on a list somewhere then.
"Stumbled by religion'? Does that mean something, anything? The word 'stumbled' is repeated several times, in your OP, has it lost something in translation?
I'm stumbled by the new orthotics that the physiotherapist gave me to put in my shoes.
Does that count?
In which case the creator needs to put in an appearance and say which traditions displease "him".
Nope, no stumbling here.

What a joyless existence you lead locust, doomed to lecture strangers who don't care what you think, or wish to join your pity party.
Read John 4 v24 "God is Spirit, and those who worship Him most worship in spirit and truth"
No I am not stumbled by religion today. I worship God The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
Good for you.
I don't understand 'stumbled', locust. I do understand that you are very ( possibly over) firm in your views. I speak as that downtrodden beast, an average Christian.
Jourdain, as an average Christian you’re one of the best.
The OED shows, "to stumble" can also mean, "To puzzle; to give pause or offence to; to embarrass, nonplus".
I know 'stumbled' is a term used by Jehovah's Witnesses.
Is that preaching to the converted then?

Might as well, no-one else has ever cared for a moment what the JW's post on here.
I think as long as you're sincere of heart, and do your best in life, then that's all is needed. No need for religion.
Can't argue with that, although one of the JW's will be along in a minute to ignore your post, and mine, and carry on shouting into a bucket.
This is the danger of AI. It will write nonsense that clogs up discussion sites. It won't be long before Skynet becomes self aware.
naomi 20.42 Thank you.
I am not stumbled by religion, I do not have one, and furthermore I cannot see how otherwise intelligent people can be drawn in to such a way of life. Worshiping a mythical entity that has never ever been proven to exist indeed!

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Are You Stumbled By Religion Today .

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