How Appallingly Women Are Treated In Public Life

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Hymie | 21:29 Fri 20th May 2022 | Society & Culture
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Tory MP Mark Gardiner wrote in his local paper, the ‘Kidderminster Shuttle’ that he co-chaired the Conservative organisation Women2Win, and that throughout his time as co-chair, and ever since, he has been astonished at how appallingly badly women are treated in public life.

However he omitted to mention that in 2018 he was sacked as trade minister after his former Commons assistant Caroline Edmondson revealed that he had called her ‘Sugar Tits’ and sent her to a Soho shop to buy him sex toys.


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Was he sacked or just on gardinering leave?
No-one who behaves badly actually thinks that stories about bad behaviour refer to them, that's human nature.

This gentleman will not link his behaviour with what he's self-righteously pontificating about.

That's a combination of human nature, politics, and modern attitudes.
Either that andy or he's just a liar who's well aware of how horrible his behaviour is but doesn't care - until it becomes problematic for him of course.
that is also possible, tomus. It's not unknown for villains to make a big noise about joining anti-villain organisations, by way of cover.
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How Appallingly Women Are Treated In Public Life

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