An Invitation To Any Anti-Gays Here.

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Atheist | 23:16 Fri 20th May 2022 | Society & Culture
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Listen and watch Charles Aznavour singing a song he wrote called "Comme ils Disent". It's in French but the lyrics can be found on line.
It's a song about a guy who lives with his mum and pets and, apart from looking after them and doing housework and shopping for his mum, he does a transvestite strip routine at night. He has many gay and 'queer' friends there and they meet up after the show in gay bars where they are mocked by straight sightseers, but can be friends in a muilieu where they are accepted for what they are.
Very moving performance.
Oh! My question? Does it move you or disgust you, or simply leave you cold?


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"Nul n'a le droit en vérité de me blamer, de me juger"

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Sorry, Buen, I'm not very good at remembering to post links. He was a great singer and writer. Thank you.
Be a nice world when we’re not discussing or judging people on their sexuality.
Gay, not gay, trans. Should it matter so long as we are kind?And mostly we’re not. :-(
I wouldn’t bother listening to the song again. It doesn’t disgust me, doesn’t leave me cold either. Just a man with a pleasant voice who might or might not be gay.
I agree, Gness

I’ve probably said this before here but…
My son’s friend gathered the crew around for an ‘I’m gay’ announcement. They all said ‘Yeah we know’.
No one is bothered by this stuff now, except footballers (and their fans maybe,
Hi, Clover. Yes, we’ve had the announcement when we’ve known for ever but you only have to read some of the comments on AB to appreciate how difficult it must be for some who are considered different and therefore open to ridicule.
Mind you, it’s really only the peculiar who are bothered. ;-)
Leaves me cold. I'm primarily interested in the music of a song rather than the lyrics and this is all about the lyrics.
It is quite moving. Unrequited love would probably never be anything but sad, but on the upside he has his circle of friends in a world where he's at ease.
// they meet up after the show in gay bars where they are mocked by straight sightseers,//

favoured by the gurlz ( gay pubs) because it is not such a zoo. ( a zoo as straight pubs) I am too old for all this, so long as they dont do it in my front room ! I am sure the chance of getting stabbed in a gay pub is virtually nil - but of course there are other 'dangers'.
( oh and of course if you go on holiday to America and end up getting deaded, the coroner will say it was suicide, ter-daaah!)
I am sure he did an English cover - - -
Charles As-no-voice....

as a spoken song - over the music.
You may need to replace your dog whistle, Atheist.
Not a lot of dyslexic atheists believe in dog.
Oh God ( or dog) if we are in a reflective mood,
can we reflect on (ukraine) and also the 5th anniversary of Arena?

Romans are allwoed to burden their fave saints
Start your own thread on that one, PP.

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An Invitation To Any Anti-Gays Here.

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