The Gen Z Dilemma

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HeaMsoRb | 01:56 Wed 16th Jun 2021 | Society & Culture
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Why are Gen Z kids these days antagonized just for existing? These days, all children are unfairly labeled as these evil entitled brats who don’t deserve respect or love by adults. Adults also use this as a reason to mentally and emotionally abuse us, because apparently we “deserve” it for being “entitled whiny spoiled brats.”


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all of you? That seems very unfair.
I don't think so.
Oops! No, I don't think the Op assertion is correct.
So you're whining because people call you whiny?
What’s Gen Z?
6 - 24 year olds
Oh, thanks Dave.
I’ve never heard of it. Are there Gen A, B, C, etc too?
That seems an odd group. What do 6 year olds have in common with 24 year olds?
6 - 24 year olds seems a bit of a random number?

Children of generation X & succeeded by generation Alpha. First to have grown up with access to IT from an early age,
Thanks Dave. We live and learn.
I have 3 nephews/nieces in that age group. They are loved & respected and not at all whiny.
erm arent you setting up a 'straw man' just to knock it down ?

the straw man is "Gen Z kids are antagonized just for existing"

and then you go onto robustly knock the thesis into oblivion

you know what: we dont - - antagonized Gen Z children just for existing
// Thanks Dave. We live and learn.//
can I proof correct that to:
Thanks Dave. We live and and some of us learn.
-- answer removed --
There is a history of physical, sexual and emotional abuse of children in Britain that goes back centuries.
Other countries dont regard their young people as a problem. It's a viewpoint that is peculiar to Britain
that's rather a sweeping statement fiveleaves do you have data to back it up?
I seem to recall an Austrian gent imprisoning his children in the basement & fathering further child(ren) by his daughter!
Haven't teenagers always been whiny brats? Thought it was just a teen trait.

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The Gen Z Dilemma

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