Egy Do Does People Have Sexy On Me

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Taalemsurt | 23:30 Sun 13th Jun 2021 | Society & Culture
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Hi i had noughbours that make sex noise and they here telling telling me that they have sex on me i don't know why but they kept telling me that also sometimes when i AM out side some couples kiss and look at me in a way that say they want to Hurt me how come that happens to me and some other people i only want to know the reason


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You're not having a good time really are you?
IKR? I hate when that happens.
did you know that sex is what posh people put their rubbish in?
Used to be what they had their coal delivered in.
Taalemsurt, It seems to me that you might be suffering from a bit of paranoia. When you think people are looking at you as if they want to hurt you, what makes you think that is the case?
You mentioned in a previous post that you are in a mental hospital. Are you still in hospital?
You need to tell the doctors or nurses how you are feeling. You sound very unhappy and I am sure you could be happier if you had better mental health.
You really need to ask for help. Try to find someone that you can trust (a doctor or a nurse) and tell them about your unhappiness.
Your mental health is very important.
It is not good that you feel so unhappy and so threatened, you deserve to be well, so please ask for help and try to do it today.

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Egy Do Does People Have Sexy On Me

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