The Donald And God.

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Atheist | 17:39 Wed 01st Jul 2020 | Society & Culture
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There seems to be similarities between TD and G. Both are desperate to be loved, and insult and threaten to punish those who don't love and obey them. Both have emitted contradictory and difficult to understand statements and assertions, and consequently both have devoted followers who try to explain why their words need to be interpreted in an effort to persuade people with minds to accept what at first sight seems ridiculous and inhuman. I'm not sure about TD's hairstyle, though; it's not a bit like OG's. Also his son doesn't look to me like Jesus.


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Never seen them in the same room together:-/
What image of Jesus are you basing your final comment on?
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Touche, Mamy.
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Well, Ken; there you go. It makes you think, doesn't it?
I have it on good authority that no-one has ever seen me and God in the same room at the same time. Now, that makes me think :-)
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I bet there's some here who do find it makes them think! :)
I can see a flaw in your analogy.

God is meant to be forgiving but DT never forgives anyone - he just fires them all!
I was rather hoping this was going to be about Donald Trump's curious and, frankly, "heretical" interpretation of Christianity, namely the "prosperity theology" version of it.
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Buen.. does the OT god ever forgive anyone? Any bib scholars here might point out that he does, or did once or twice, but I get the impression that he was very hot on punishment and smiting his enemies and those of his chosen people. Of course JC is made out to be gentler in his interpretation of his father (but the very term "father" is a bit sexist nowadays)
That isn't Trump's interpretation. He didn't invent it. It's been around for decades.

'Heretical'? That's a matter of opinion.
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Jim, I think you've put your finger on something important. I don't believe that TD has any religious belief at all, apart from his own omniscience and self-love, and the 'knowledge' that the only truth is what he says is truth. His use of the evangelical right is pure manipulation of what he sees as pawns in order to further his own ends.
>>> does the OT god ever forgive anyone?

I've no idea about the OT God but I reckon that my Catholic friend will hope that the RC God is into forgiveness. Otherwise he's wasted nearly 70 years of his life going to Confession ;-)
No, not uniquely Trump's, but still troubling.

And it's clearly anti-Christian, eg the eye of a needle part and so other verses that utterly reject any idea that being rich on Earth is somehow God's plan.
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Buen... but the OT god is not the RC god. Fortunately, god, as a human construction, is capable of change as humankind develops. As for your's up to him.
Your Catholic mate need have no fear if contrite, truthful and repentant.

All clear, every time.
//Jim, I think you've put your finger on something important. I don't believe that TD has any religious belief at all//

He certainly doesnt know anything about the bible...

Jim, //No, not uniquely Trump's//

Not even nearly uniquely Trump's. It helps to get facts straight.
He's never read it, has he :-)))))
The version of Christianity Trump follows, then. But, frankly, it's not even pedantry here. "Trump's version of Christianity" doesn't automatically mean that Trump is the one who designed it. But it must be useful to hide behind pedantry rather than address the actual point.

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