The Donald And God.

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Atheist | 17:39 Wed 01st Jul 2020 | Society & Culture
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There seems to be similarities between TD and G. Both are desperate to be loved, and insult and threaten to punish those who don't love and obey them. Both have emitted contradictory and difficult to understand statements and assertions, and consequently both have devoted followers who try to explain why their words need to be interpreted in an effort to persuade people with minds to accept what at first sight seems ridiculous and inhuman. I'm not sure about TD's hairstyle, though; it's not a bit like OG's. Also his son doesn't look to me like Jesus.


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Jim, //The version of Christianity Trump follows…. it must be useful to hide behind pedantry rather than address the actual point. //

No hiding here - but the usual spinning from you.... or is it 'rhetoric'? Well, whatever it is, as always it's anything to stick the boot in. Although not a regular church-goer, Mr Trump identifies as Presbyterian and was baptised into the Presbyterian church. Look it up.
// There seems to be similarities between TD and G.//
er both like Israel a lot?
Ok... He doesn't look a thing like Jesus But he talks like a gentleman
Naomi -- look into Trump's relationship with, eg, Paula White and many other "Prosperity gospel" preachers. It's disturbingly close. And it ain't spin, but I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at this point that it's your usual mistaken line of deflection.
yup muhdarm
looked it up ( but I knew anyway )

President Trump has officially appointed his "spiritual advisor," and prosperity gospel pastor Paula White to a White House position. Paula White espouses a version of Christianity that says God rewards the pious with material wealth and happiness.

The idea is that the appointed to be saved ( or pre-appaointed to be saved as God knows all including who will and wont go to heaven) - will be saved OK
BUT also will be shown to be saved as being made successful

so Jeffrey epstein - not saved ( now in prison )
J Paul Getty - saved [lots of moolah, a sign from God]

difficulties over ill children - what are they being punished for ( yup look it up)- biut what they hell they arent earbers or tax payers

and if you look it up - hem hem - deffo NOT presbyterian doctrine

nut hey this is AB and the sun has gone down
Yes Naomi I have done the searching for you
just sit back and read
Jim, you just can’t help yourself, can you. Billy Graham (net worth on death $25m) provided spiritual counsel for every president from Harry S. Truman (33rd) to Barack Obama (44th). I never mistake you.
Billy Graham was not a "prosperity gospel" preacher though, was he?

This is not about me or my views. Can you ever learn to address the argument and not the arguer?
Did you ever figure out the meaning of the "S word" by the way?
Also, if you are making the wider point that Trump isn't the only president too closely connected with Christianity, then of course I agree with you. But a version of it that hails personal riches on Earth and looks down on poverty is still notably different.
//Billy Graham was not a "prosperity gospel" preacher though, was he? //

No, he wasn't.... he was more of a look after number one and don't encourage the rest.

//Did you ever figure out the meaning of the "S word" by the way? //

No, but since you clearly saw my question I think it's rude of you to have ignored it. Not to worry now. I've seen solitary Ks and Fs and various odd things from you - all as clear as mud to grown ups - so it matters not. I'm going to bed. Night all.
I guess I assumed that since you "never mistake [my] meaning", you should have instantly seen what it meant. Still, if it helps, there were only two words beginning with S in the sentence and only one of any interest, so it was that one.
Question Author
I'm a bit disappointed that neither the god supporters or the TD supporters have joined in. They don't have a sense of humour, perhaps. OMG I'm turning into a "Troll".
He is also worshiped and defended resolutely by some, but seen to be obviously ridiculous to others.

America's Corbyn, except he somehow won an election.
Unlike God, Trump is real. More's the pity.
// I've seen solitary Ks and Fs ... //


"K" is short for "ok", only with more than a little sarcasm.
What is the S word?
It's a weapon, generally made of steel, coming in various shapes and sizes and used for stabbing or slashing, Cloverjo. :-)
What has Donal Duck got o do with any of this?

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The Donald And God.

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