Extend Life Indefinitely

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vetuste_ennemi | 11:45 Thu 20th Jun 2019 | Society & Culture
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Or at least a lot longer. Proposed by a scientist referring to genetic engineering of some sort.

I have a preference for sticking around. Mainly out of curiosity: how is all this rubbish going to work out, because it don't look too good at the moment.

But older, and more feeble and dependent is not what I hope for myself.


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Rather have a long and peaceful kip.
Not a great idea with all the overpopulation
55+ million of us die every year, it's going to get a bit crowded if life is extended indefinitely

Does this scientist live in a big scary hilltop castle conducting the bulk of his work during thunderstorms?
Being expected to stay in the rat race for hundreds of years isn't what I'd like either. Need the robots to take care of labour and wealth creating issues first.
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The news article was saying that with a bit of genetic twiddling we don't have to die around eighty or ninety, but could carry on ten or more years.

Given good health and mental capacity I'm all for that. But lacking one of those necessary conditions I would prefer to die earlier.
Just ten or more. Oh...
Ah well...
if they could tweak arthritic bone disease conditions, that would go a long way to ease the aging condition, if say you had all your mental faculties intact in old age still, but there are other diseases that make old age intolerable as well, bladders bowels and a plethora of others. id rather go out quietly if possible and not hang around, maybe one day they will have mind or thought transfer to a new body, if your a zillionare... trump gates zuckerberg bezos soros, id rather not not be here then.
No problem. We just eat the rich.
old_geezer, possible but what if this happens, we could be attacked by flying left or right leaning brains, ahh cricket bats.
v-e You may living longer, but will your knees hold out?

and has Gershwin said;

Methus'lah Lived Nine Hundred Years,
But Who Calls Dat Livin'
When No Gal'll Give In
To No Man What's Nine Hundred Years?
Prolonged life is just what the world doesn't need.
The World would then become as overcrowded as Heaven.
Quantity should never be at the expense of quality.
//Quantity should never be at the expense of quality.//

That's not what they said in Auschwitz.
Someone said to me the other day, ‘Funny how roles become reversed. Parents begin by putting nappies on their children and the children end up putting nappies on their parents’.

Not for me thanks. I’d rather shoot myself.

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Extend Life Indefinitely

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