Atheism Can’T Explain Existence?

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goodlife | 15:27 Tue 18th Jun 2019 | Society & Culture
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Atheists live by science, but science (always) changes. God and the Bible (always) remain the same. They know there is a God. He is revealed in creation, through His Word, and through Jesus Christ. Everybody knows that God is real, people just hate Him so much they suppress the truth.


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If people knew god was real, why would they hate him? Surely they would brown nose him, because if they secretly knew god was real, they'd want a good afterlife in heaven or where not?
atheism isn't supposed to explain existence
Existence can be explained via something called, evolution. It's a theory that a man called Charles Darwin really took off the ground. He was a naturalist a geologist and a biologist. So he was quite educated to make those findings. His theory is widely accepted by many scientists and it is considered a foundational concept in science.
The start of existence though comes from a theory called the big bang theory. Atoms and chemicals flying into each other that had never been introduced before creating a vast amount of chemicals. We are a result of that reaction.
Science changes as new things are discovered and proven. Doesn't that make more sense than staying with a book, no matter what?
Atheists believe that nothing created something from nothing.
//Everybody knows that God is real//

No one knows that God is real.

//people just hate Him //

That's silly. People (I guess you mean atheists) have no feelings one way or the other for something they don't believe exists.
Existence can not be created. Creation presupposes existence.
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spathiphyllum@ If people love man,why do man what they do to man knew
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spathiphyllum@ If people love man,why do man what they do to man knew

15:54 Tue 18th Jun 2019

Translation needed.
If this fictitious god created existence who created this god ???
"spathiphyllum@ If people love man,why do man what they do to man knew"

Some people seem like people, but deep down they are sadistic self centred apathists.
Crikey spath! Who are these people you know so much about?
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What you see happening on here and world today is a result of man,atheism, trying to get along without God. True, some of the world’s leaders claim to be believers; but most of the great men of this world live as if they were atheists. . . . The knowledge of a God, his presence, and his justice, has not the slightest influence over the wars, the treaties, the objects of ambition, interest,pollution or pleasure, in the pursuit of which they are wholly occupied,that aii for today folk.
You don't half spout a load of rubbish goodlife.
I think i understand what you're saying. However, I find it hard to believe people when they talk about god. What do i have to do to receive contact from god? What do i have to do to have my prayers answered?

Do i need to ask for forgiveness?
The notion that there exists a god is only in the minds of the deluded.
I think when life was more primal, the concept of god would have made a lot more sense. If i was hungry and came accross a berry tree or a wild rabbit, i may thank god. However in the modern day, with society where it is, i know that i do everything for myself. God doesn't put food on my plate, i do.

This is why i think the concept of god is flawed. What does he do for me? Why does he deserve any credit?
SK that's just your opinion though and it can't be proved.
"Crikey spath! Who are these people you know so much about?"

No one on here. But people like Genghis Khan, Hitler...

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Atheism Can’T Explain Existence?

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