Is Meghan Playing With Fire?

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naomi24 | 10:24 Fri 15th Feb 2019 | Society & Culture
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Royal photographer, Arthur Edwards, writes, // Meghan Markle, lighten up. You’re not the new Princess Diana and it’s time you and Prince Harry ended this phoney media war”. He goes on to say, “the biggest invasion of her privacy was triggered by Meghan herself, after she gave consent to friends to talk to People magazine in America last week about the awful relationship she has with her dad”.

Following her wedding, Meghan wrote to her father telling him how heartbroken she is by the situation that exists between them and gave her friends permission to discuss that with the media. Knowing full well that he and the rest of her dreadful family are loose cannon, the question must be why would she do that? Was that wise – or is it a case of you can take the actress out of Hollywood but …… ?

I fear this will end badly. Your thoughts?


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Does the opinion of a paparazzo really count for anything?
One would hope that given her acting background that Meghan will follow the script.

If not,it could end up rotten to the encore...
Lets face it, not many people like this lady and she has bough all of it on herself.

She seems to fail to understand it is the thick Ginger they want to see not her and the BRF have etiquette which she sadly lacks in spaces.

The best these two can do is fade away into obscurity and live a happy tax payer funded like somewhere in another country. Perhaps tinsel town?
the problem here is that Sparkle wants it both ways. Uses the meeja when it suits her and then moans when they inevitably want baubles in return.
A suitable punishment for Meghan would be to give her 1000 lines!

No more references to acting.Nobody wants extras I'm sure
Thick Ginger? How insulting.
I've no views on this at all, but wanted to say welcome back (if that's the case) to agchristie!
Aww! Thanks Khandro
^^^ You were gone for a bit longer than the famous 11 days absence of the other one I think!
I think Megan is trying to play the two "sides" against each other, a dangerous game because she is in the middle.
As with everything surrounding the Royal Family, the people involved, the Family themselves, say nothing, and let the nonsense of the surrounding gossiping backstabbers go on, while they live their lives unaffected by it in any way shape or form.

I am sure that Harry, a veteran already of 'The Firm', will have told her from day one, that she should dismiss anything and everything said about her by anyone she does not know and trust personally.

That will certainly include some no-mark smudge with his eye on a bit of publicity to bump up his prices.
Question Author
andy-hughes, //some no-mark smudge //

Arthur Edwards? He's not done so badly in his career.

I'm sure Harry has told her - but it seems she's not listening.
//That will certainly include some no-mark smudge with his eye on a bit of publicity to bump up his prices.\\

What a nasty thing to call someone.
Question Author
^Especially when it's far from accurate!
Ladybirder i took Andies comment to be about Megan's father, but Andy can confirm.
True. I've seen him interviewed on TV many times over the years. I would have said he was held in quite high regard.
Question Author
Me too. Very well known and highly successful.
Maybe it's time that the monarchy was abolished?
Meghan is an actress playing her biggest role to date. Has a massive clothing allowance. Her and her husband under estimated the baggage she brought to the royal family from her family . I give them five years and 2 children.
I don't dislike her and think Harry is besotted however although it may be a bit of a traditional view the problem is she was not brought up in the way one is expected to behave when joining the Royal Family. Furthermore because she is from US and was a celebrity in her own right she has no intention of changing to fit that stereotype (unlike Catherine who's now nearly as prim and proper as Queen Mary). I don't wish it but fear it's all going to get horribly messy down the line.

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Is Meghan Playing With Fire?

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