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Jeremy Corbyn, Prime Minister

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Spungle | 06:54 Tue 10th Jul 2018 | Society & Culture
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Love him, or loathe him, after the events of this week so far, I would suggest the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn entering No.10 and becoming our next Prime Minister is now more likely than ever.

If May calls a General Election soon- (and won't she have to?) we could see a hardline Marxist in the number one job in Britain. Thoughts?


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Well if people think he could make a better job of sorting Brexit out in a way which satisfies the Leave voters they will be very disappointed indeed.
Now what was that Sun headline........?
I wouldn't trust him to run a kids tea party.
I'm not sure why she has to call an election. There may have to be a leadership election but there seems no reason for a General Election - and I can't see May making that mistake again this year
I agree with that.
I think there will be many a back room chat just now as the knives are drawn..but just who will do the shoving ? maybe Boris has retreated to muster the troops ? can't see her surviving long, a vote of no confidence must surely follow ?
I think so minty. She's made a right hash of it so far.
'More likely' isn't so difficult when starting from a low point.

No, she won't need to. If there's no leadership challenge then she bumbles on; if there is a leadership challenge then it's no longer her decision. A successor will has more sense than to risk losing a general election.

Many politicians have some extreme views but realise there are limits once in power, anyway. (There are exceptions of course. But usually their cabinet keep things in check.)
Quite right OG.
People tend to forget that both Labour and Conservative voters elected for Brexit, but if anyone thinks that Corbyn is the answer to the circus it has become, they need to think again. The man would be an utter disaster for this country - in more ways than one.

Would the last person to leave the UK please turn out the lights
and put the cat out, thanks.
we need a strong leadership..someone who will not kowtow to Angela Merkel or Brussels... an unrelenting stance..we need Thatcher back ! :0(
Enoch or Ian Smith..God rest them..the guid yins are deid !
my thoughts are:
//(and won't she have to?)//
no she wont have to - and probably won't
for fear of er losing again
The best bet that I can see is Nigel Farage.
I cannot see Corbyn commanding a majority in the House. One thing is clear though, May has to go and go now.
// Would the last person to leave the UK please turn out the lights
and put the cat out, thanks.//

hahahahah o god I love to see the old ones recycled

from the sixties
Pyotr: Ivan, if they open the borders, will you go to the West ?
Ivan: Pyotr, why should I be the only one left in Bulgaria ?

sorry - that wasnt meant to be a serious comment was it?

as for the comment about Enoch Powell and Ian Smith - oh Gawd as the deep thinkers often say !
Ian Smith? PM of Rhodesia?
// The best bet that I can see is Nigel Farage.//

what about Mrs Mopp from darn the road ? The one who 'does' for decent rates
( cleans your house you naughty people!)
she cant surely do any worse than the incumbents
yeah Jack I thought that
Ian and Enoch are often thought of in the same breath

Pretty terrible minister of health
prettty screwy when chief secretary of the treasury
but was a Prof of greek at age 26 which wouldnt have been useful as er prime minister ...

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Jeremy Corbyn, Prime Minister

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