Prince Charles And Wiliam

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webbo3 | 14:29 Sun 15th Jul 2018 | Society & Culture
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Did prince Charles and William meet President Trump or were they elsewhere.?


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They didn't - the media have interpreted that as a 'snub' to the President.
They were both washing their hair.
Makes for a catchy headline doesn't it, they must have rubbed their hands in glee.
I can fully understand William washing his heir, but can't Charles's heir was himself?
Sheer mischief-making, given the short time Trump was here. It is, however, unusual for the Queen not to be accompanied by a male royal. Prince Philip is clearly no longer fit enough to do the job. The last time he did not appear, at the Diamond Jubilee, the Duke of Kent stood in for him.
Not sure about Chuck but Trump will be long dead by the time we have a new King Billy so no harm done.
The Duke of Kent was at Wimbledon to present the trophies.
William has little hair to wash now :-(
I think I'd be elsewhere as well!

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Prince Charles And Wiliam

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