Evolution Of Religions.

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wildwood | 03:09 Sun 26th Nov 2017 | Society & Culture
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There are many religions, and most have adapted over the ages to conform (albeit, some very slowly) to popular Society's changing standards and somewhat diminish the unpopular clauses of their teachings. There is still a long way to go, but at least we're progressing.

The most notable exception of course, is Islam. So why don't the leaders of Muslim communities work to make the religion more palatable to world-wide Society? Disgarding the extremist Islam terrorists, it is still a vicious religion with inhuman regulations which aims to brainwash and instill fear in It's subject.

No, I haven't read the Koran from cover to cover, but I do know that Islam would become a more universally acceptable religion if we could really all live in Peace - religious or not.


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If the moral principles of Islam (or any other religion) are right, then society ought to adapt to it (or them), not the other way round. It is not the job of religion to conform to current modes of thinking. It is religion's duty to argue its moral case and persuade society to change.

This simple difference was once easily understood: "We are in this world, but not of it"; "A man cannot be a slave to two masters".
v_e is absolutely correct. The followers of a religion, any religion, believe that the teachings are god-given; changing the rules implies that God has changed His mind, so He got it wrong in the first place.
"believe that the teachings are God-given"

And therein lies the problem, mass delusion, sort that and much good can follow.
Evolution change occurs when the enviroment changes. Part of that is that entities that can not change may put up a fight, but eventuality they die out. Religions change when the public becomes uncontrollable. If a religion is dictating the rules by persuasion or force, there is no requirement to change. When it no longer can do that it changes or dies out. It is extremism that is still on the 'force our view' path; moderate religions, or moderate branches of multi sect religions, adapt already.

You highlight Islam but they have different sections, not all acrt or believe identically. Only some support coercion and violence. It is the unenlightened mindset that is in the process of becoming extinct, knows and fears it, and is reacting against it's fate.
"changing the rules implies that God has changed His mind"
Or God decided people has improved enough to cope with a better understanding of the truth and upgraded rules.
OG - are you implying that God made a mistake when creating people in the first place and that He didn't make them perfect?
wildwood; The problems you highlight and the issues involved in overcoming them could not be explained better and with more authority than by this extraordinary Arab intellectual; Hamad Abdel-Samad.
What makes you think imperfection is a mistake ? One explanation often given for why we are here is that we are learning, improving towards bring better individuals.
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Thank you all for your opinions. Some very interesting points to ponder over.

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Evolution Of Religions.

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