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Do You/have You/would You?

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CailinDeas | 16:09 Sat 28th Mar 2015 | Society & Culture
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Wear an article ing made from real fur? i.e., mink, beaver...etc


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I don't and I wouldn't, fur should be on the animal.
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I wear leather. What's the difference?
I have two real fur bed warmers. They fit under the duvet and emit heat until they get fed up and wander off.

Other than the above - real fur is best attached to the animal who owns it.
Only when very young, my gran had a fox fur stole and I used to wear it to play in. Shudder to think of doing it now.
No, not if the animal is solely killed for it's fur.
no no no
In the past, I have, but nowadays definitely not.
I still don't see what the difference is between leather and sheepskin, and fur.

HC4361 - Really? Cow and pig leather is a by product of the food industry, so is sheep skin. Animals are killed for food. Mink and other top end fur is killed solely for its fur. These days artificial 'fake' fur is so good, along with other materials that are far better at keeping us warm, that it is a cruel and unnecessary to kill animals for their fur.
In the 70's I used to wear a fur coat which I'd had re-modelled, it used to belong to my husband's felt gorgeous.
[NJ plays Devil's advocate]

"No, not if the animal is solely killed for it's fur."

Other animals are bred and killed (almost) solely for their meat. (The other bits used are really by-products)

Humans do not have to wear fur.
Humans do not have to eat meat.

So where's the difference?
I don't mind getting into a bit of beaver.
The appalling vision of the videos of those animals still being skinned alive for the fashion market - such as the raccoon dogs in Korea - still makes me sick to my stomach. People don't think before they buy garments or "pet cat" ornaments with "fur trim". A revolting trade.
I don't and I wouldn't but I have
Mink is vermin and a menace. I see nothing wrong in breeding them for fur and dog food.
Never have and never will. You Cailin?
Why would you breed a menace and then just for the fashion industry because that must be the sole use of mink fur (the pet food is a by-product)?
try offering me a sable coat, and then see what I'd say.
Not that many years ago, there was a highly successful anti-fur trade organisation called LYNX ::::

It take 40 dumb animals to make a fur coat but only one to wear it. The case against the fur trade is as good as it ever was. But today's daft, vain women need to reacquaint themselves with the reasoning, it seems.

And these daft women shouldn't even attempt to justify their vanity, with the argument that fur is lovely and warm.

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Do You/have You/would You?

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