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CailinDeas | 16:09 Sat 28th Mar 2015 | Society & Culture
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Wear an article ing made from real fur? i.e., mink, beaver...etc


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As long as animals are raised for fur/meat, I don't see a problem.
Thanks to Wildwood's post I too will stick my head above the parapet and say yes. I used to have a mink coat and still have a raccoon jacket.
Shouldn't it come down to living conditions. If they are bred for fur but have a good life then how is it different to breeding for meat?
In the 60's and 70's I did but both items were by then about 80 years old.
well I wear cowhide....

on my feet - I think they are called leather shoes....
and on my pretty cinderella hands - they are called glo.....
// and still have a raccoon jacket.//

Oh I wore rabbit fur to get my degree ... does that count ?


"Mink is vermin and a menace. I see nothing wrong in breeding them for fur and dog food."

What a dreadfully attitude! They are a part of our wildlife, the fact that their natural lifestyle does not fit with ours as we ruin this world does not give us the right to be cruel to them!!
Well said Ratter ...
And that's what it comes down to. The cruelty aspect.

Who still willingly eats battery chickens.
if we did not use the leather - it would be thrown in the bin.

we do not eat minks etc - they are killed for vanity

I have not eaten meat for 20+ years, and obviously i would prefer no animals to be killed for any reason whatsoever, but the fact is, there is a meat industry.

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Do You/have You/would You?

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