Paul McCartney and Heather Mills splitting up

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undercovers | 17:01 Wed 17th May 2006 | People & Places
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now that the couple are going their separate ways do you think that Paul will find it hard to find someone to fill her shoe.


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oooooooooo, :(
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i bet he will have to stump up the cash on the divorce
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but if it goes to court i don't think she'll have a leg to stand on!
... and go and get legless on the proceeds
you're leaving yourselves out on a limb here you two

Oh come on you lot, not nice. Though doubtless they'll hop over to Canada for the seals again..

Really, I'm ashamed of all of you!

And me because I laughed when I read your posts!

and in later years schollkids will be writing a (pros)thesis on it.
Oh please, i wooden have thought you'd lower yourselves to this sort of thing

isn't it amazing they didn't sign a prenup? what a dumb hippie! how could she justify taking over a hundred million pounds though, with all her charity work? Will she still be able to call herself a "Lady"? How scandalous!

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but she could give her charity a real leg-up with that sort of money though!

South African loses his leg in a gold mining accident,

Oh that's me Fekked then, who wants a one legged gold digger

'Me' shouts Paul McCartney!

(that's from bez she's avin her tea)

metagirl, Heather Mills did reportedly offer to sign a prenup but Macca refused & said he wouldn't sign one.

Personally, i dont think she's got a leg to stand on!

What's got 3 legs and lives on a farm?

Paul and Heather McCartney!

not at all but his next wife doesnt want to put her foot in it or she will be out on a limb too.

He'd only just bought her a plane for her birthday too!

and a ladyshave for the other leg.

Thank you everyone for restoring my faith in comedy!!

priceless... keep em coming!!

Just a thought - wasn't Heathers middle name.... Eileen.......?
that's a bit lame nick
Dot - I have nothing against Heathers' one leg - but neither does she..

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Paul McCartney and Heather Mills splitting up

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