representation of Arabs and Muslims

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bodybeatrock | 15:36 Wed 17th May 2006 | People & Places
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Can anyone give me a good example (pre 9/11) of a misrepresentation of Arabs and muslims in the movies but especially wihtin the print media( newspapers, magazines). Also a realistic, justified representation of Arabs/muslims where they are not portrayed as 'bombers, billionaires or belly dancers'???

thank you for your help


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heck out sean connery as Mulay Achmed Mohammed el-Raisuli the Magnificent in The Wind And the Lion
that alll arabs live in the desert and have camels.
The "Not the nine o'clock News" apology for the TV documentary "Death of a Princess".

I guess Rudolph Valentino as The Sheikh and later the Son of the Sheikh was not entirely realistic.

She: 'What are you going to do with me?'
He: 'Are you not woman enough to know?'

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representation of Arabs and Muslims

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