Paul McCartney and Heather Mills splitting up

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undercovers | 16:01 Wed 17th May 2006 | People & Places
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now that the couple are going their separate ways do you think that Paul will find it hard to find someone to fill her shoe.


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heather said "paul was always saying no to sex i never got a leg over"
she'd be hoppin mad if she read this lot
Och no dot...she would realise we were only pulling her leg!
Well now he will have to calf up his estate .......

And Heathers' fave TV programme?

'One Foot in the Grave' of course!!

Nickmo - her full name was Eileen Dover.....
Nickmo - I think you'll find her real name was Eileen Dover

Not Hopalong Cassidy then?

Im stumped if i can think of anything to say about all this i think she should go get legless to drown her sorrows
Question Author
i bet poor old paul will have to foot the bill for the lawyers though

ali_alic - unless she was born in China in which case she'd be Irene...

And I bet Paul wishes she had really put her foot down and insisited on a pre-nuptial, now.

Oh - the foot of the page!
As least she can sympathise with Arsenal now - after all, all the money is the world won't buy them a second leg either
Shame really I thought the relationship had legs.
actually I guess there is one adavantage, half price pedicures (oooooooo, not nice)
That was a bit of a limp effort dot
Don't take umbrage dot. - as Heatherer says; 'if the shoe fits...'
and the Answerbank sinks to a new low.
seems Heather is a bit false (like her leg) & she was never a lady, surely!
PMSL You are all going to hell !! You know that dont you?? ROFL

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Paul McCartney and Heather Mills splitting up

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