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icebread | 14:34 Mon 29th Nov 2010 | Hobbies & Interests
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my spelling is poor and i end up only using words i can spell, is there a program that will check it for me as i type, an e mail or things like this, it takes ages to do anything cos i have to keep finding how to spell some word or another. I am told it dose not matter these days how you spell, im sorry it matters to me, thank you for your time,


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If you are using MS Word it has a spellcheck.
Google Chrome has functionality to check spelling built directly into it.
what about a grammat checker built directly into it?
Oh, I really hate to be pedantic but as Icebread is someone who does care about their spelling and grammar, I would like to point out that when you refer to yourself as "i" it should be a capital I. Thank you.
That's available as an add-in / extension:
As mike said, MS Word and almost any text editing software will have an inbuilt spell-checker.

Whoever told you it isn't important is just being silly, of course it's important.

However, looking at the questions you've asked so far, I can understand each one and really, you're not anywhere near as bad as a lot of the posters here.

The biggest (although not really that bad) mistakes I can see are lack of capital letters and some punctuation.

However well you spell or grammatise, you'll always have the ''Spelling Police'' after you on here, lol.
Further to Mike's answer; The MS Word spellcheck is under Tools | Options then click on the Spelling & Grammar tab where you can change any settings to suit yourself.
On the Internet the Firefox browser has a spellchecker plug-in option.
Open Office program will check your spelling and punctuation as you type (if requested in the menus.)
The FREE Spellchecker for Outlook Express (google for it) will put an icon in the I.E. toolbar so that, when answering a site such as this one, you simply click the icon before submitting the article and the spelling is checked.
i wouldn't worry about capital letters when posting on ab as they don't affect the sense of what is written you could probably manage without full stops too

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