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Struggling With Christmas / Birthday Gifts

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construct1245 | 16:48 Tue 28th Nov 2023 | Shopping & Style
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It makes it extra difficult with loads of birthdays around Christmas (including my own) since I have to buy a few people double presents and I'm struggling.

Is anyone else struggling



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Financially, or deciding what to buy?

Many years ago our families agreed that Christmas presents are for under 18s only.  It's saved everyone a lot of stress

You could buy a "Happy Birthday at Christmas" card and give one gift 😊

I am the same as you. It is so bad that I've got a spreadsheet for those that have birthdays from November to end of January. It is confusing trying to remember to buy someone birthday & Christmas cards, especially the grandkids!!!

Friends and I all decided to no longer exchange Christmas gifts. We honour birthdays as usual.  

^^^ Exactly the same as you, Maggie.

I give my brother and his family money.  Two of them have Christmas birthdays.

he bought me wine for the cats one year!😂

Wine for the cats - that's priceless 😀   😀   😀   😀   😀   😀   😀   😀  

Cousins, nephews and nieces who live in Canada, New Zealand or Uk don't get gifts from me as they do not give to us. 2 young nephews here get a present, 2 teens get money. My daughter and 2 grandkids get spoiled, daughter's partner gets a gift as do his 2 teen girls. Sister and 2 brothers in law get ginger wine and a foodie gift basket. This year nieces here are getting biscuits in Xmas tins and hot choc bombs. Last year they got selection of coffees

Is it financially you are struggling? If so, how handy/crafty are you?

I have handmade quite a few gifts over the years and people have told me they treasure those more for the thought and effort i had put in.

Just a thought.

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It's not financially but I don't know what to get anyone

I'm the same, construct. Son and grandson have the same birthday just before Christmas. 
I won't see them on either date so I have to send the presents.

I've just gone for extra. Extra book, extra T-shirt, a little food hamper. 

I have bought cashmere fingerless gloves for everyone, including myself.😀

Have you thought about giving IOUs for a treat next year - a lunch or dinner out, a trip to the zoo/theatre/place of interest with you?

Maybe a voucher for a spa day, manicure or such like if that's their thing.  My wife's salon sells vouchers for hairdressing, manicures, pedicures and other beauty treatments.

It gives the recipient something to look forward to and can help spread the cost, too.  

No not struggling, because years ago I made it clear that at Xmas I was only going to send cards from there on in. Family can now buy themselves a present from the money they no longer waste getting me something that I have to pretend I'm overjoyed with.


Food & booze shopping is more than hassle enough.


(Besides, it's still blessed November !)

That's how we do it, OG, but we do buy presents for the under 18s. Not expensive presents but hopefully appreciated.

We spoil our loved ones on their birthdays.  That is their special day, after all.

Tilly - don't your fingers get cold?

My famiy agreed to a cut off for all presents at 18 years old.  That has continued for a few years now except for one grandchild who never ever said thank you so one uncle and I stopped all presents.  Never heard a word since. 

Helly, I wear them in the house!  Raynaud's phenomenon.

When I go out, I put mittens on top.

Is that your kitten ?

I have mittens but no kittens.

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Struggling With Christmas / Birthday Gifts

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