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Cannot Return An Unwanted Item

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tearinghair | 15:48 Mon 27th Nov 2023 | Shopping & Style
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I ordered the wrong size of ladder through Amazon. Trying to return it with no success. Amazon gives options of Royal Mail or Evri drop-off; this says the tem is too large (it's 1.4 metres long and their limit is 1.2). I can't see from the Amazon Orders who the retailer is, which they need to process return. Evri customer service is not a person; as I cannot find a reference number 'she' cannot help me. I do not want this ladder! any advice, please?



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A link to the item might help us here.

Royal Mail Parcelforce may be able to help with getting it returned but you'll have to find the retailer first. Isn't there a label on the ladder packing? 

If you go in to your Amazon orders, click on the ladders and then 'order details' you will see who the retailer is.

have you rung them?

Question Author

The retailer is CHENVOPSDMB. Evri does not recognise it. '

I spoke to anonymous voice who asked for parcel number, but there doesn't seem to be one on the label. I'll have another look but I've already tried twice without success. Amazon are supposedly sending a message to the retailers, but it may take some time before I get an answer and it has to be returned by Saturday.

if you google CHENVOPSDMB, it comes up but in French

Looking at the photo in one of the reviews (of a ladder that collapsed), I wouldn't be rushing to buy from that retailer in the first place! User Recommendation?th=1

Have you followed the instructions for Marketplace returns, rather than those for returns to Amazon?

Question Author

I hadn't checked the reviews: I made a right pig's ear of the order anyway. Was actually intending to buy a step stool; wasn't concentrating, and when various other options appeared I thought -'ooh yes, 4 steps would be good' and didn't check that it was the same item.

I clicked on your link, Buenchico, but it didn't seem much different from the one I'd already tried. In any case I think it may be too late for that now, as I clicked 'confirm the return' earlier so that I could get a label with the return address, and that return has now been agreed by Amazon. There doesn't seem to be a way to speak to a person at EVRI without having a reference number, which I still can't find. 

If CHENVOPSDMB doesn't reply to my question on the Amazon website I'll have to try selling it at a discount on the local facebook Marketplace page. Or as a last resort taking it to the charity shop at the tip. 

have you tried getting help from Amazon chat?


Question Author

Not yet. Feeling depressed and need to.leabe it until I feel brighter or I may say something I regret. Will try that later. But it's sure to be a bot who won't recognise the question.

It might not be the easiest firm to get in touch with!

Just to say that I'm wary of buying things from China. Those I've had in the past (small value stuff mainly) have mostly been ok, but a higher portion of problems have come from there compared to elsewhere. And, of course, it's difficult to argue and win a case from that far away.

It's grim if the Marketplace you used doesn't back you up. In my case a problem I had buying via Amazon left me without any help at all, and going around in circles on the Amazon website as they seeming tried to avoid any involvement. However a problem I had with buying via *Ad which shall not be named* was solved because they got involved and made judgement in my favour. Ok that is just one example from each, but it leaves an impression.

If "Amazon" isn't "an ad that shall not be named" then "Ali Ex" can't possibly be either. What is this; discrimination ? Favourtism ?

Question Author

Sorry, me again. I've managed to get a link to get the ladder collected via EVRI. But the form requires a delivery email. The company is Super Smart Service in Cannock, but the email on their About Us page ([email protected]) isn't being accepted. Could someone plkease work a miracle and find the right one for me? I've tried phoning but get the 'all our operators are busy, please leave a message'. If I can get the form completed the wretched step ladder can be collected tomorrow. Many thanks for your advice so far.

Have you tried taking the extra 't' out of the e-mail address ?

When did you receive the item and when did you notify Amazon you wanted to return it?

I have always found the Amazon on line chat very helpful and my issue was always resolved in my favour

You obviously haven't taken the right steps...

(Just to lighten your mood a bit!)

Question Author

Thank you for that, gingejbee! I needed a smile after the hassle of getting this sorted.

Item received Friday (it's always a weekend, isn't it?) and Amazon notified yesterday. Amazon chat eventually pointed me towards a Message site who replied this morning. I hadn't noticed the additional t, I think that was just a mistyping from me on the Answerbank, but I did look at the original email I found ([email protected]) and took out the last s from the first word; that or serendipity seems to have worked as I have now been able to book the collection. Should be in time for the Amazon deadline of 1st December, and at least it will be out of the way. Thanks again for all suggestions and help.

Under The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, as with most items ordered online, you had fourteen days after the date of receipt to notify the seller you wanted to return the ladders.


Following that notification, you had a further fourteen days after that to actually have them collected.

In your case, you had until the end of 8th December to notify the return and then had until the end of 22nd December to have them collected.


Amazon also has its own thirty-day return period and a longer period for most orders made between November 1st to December 31st.

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Cannot Return An Unwanted Item

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