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Why Do Female News Reporters Pull Up Their Sleeves On Their Jackets An

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Gary335 | 11:56 Wed 25th Oct 2023 | Shopping & Style
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and what's the look called



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I see you have posted quite a few questions about girls rolling up their sleeves and your mole fetish.

12.06 Why so rude   . Just answer the question.

This mole fetish, is it focused on the little furry burrowing creatures or moles on the arms of young ladies who roll up their sleeves?

They're just demonstrating their willingness to get stuck into the task at hand I suppose.

Or channelling their inner Simon le Bon.

Do they??

Must watch next time they are on TV - I do the same when I'm grafting.

Politicians do it at election time to give the impression they are getting stuck in to some hard work.

Maybe they have short arms and/or the sleeves are too long...  I do remember the Look with rolled over sleeves, so you could see the lining, flared trousers of course and long pointed shirt collars on top of lapels ....  the world seemed quite normal then.  

They do that so that their sleeves don't get caught in their microphone, or any other piece of broadcasting equipment. 

The look is called 'being careful'.

Gary, the look is called "forewarned is forearmed" aka "cubit".

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Why Do Female News Reporters Pull Up Their Sleeves On Their Jackets An

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