This Is Not Just A Jumper. It's An M&S Jumper.

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Tilly2 | 20:53 Mon 26th Apr 2021 | Shopping
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I received an M&S cashmere jumper today, in a box. It was not in a package inside and was creased and crumped as if someone else had worn it. I rang and complained and have been sent a replacement jumper and been told to keep the other one.

Well done M&S!


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Is the second one a different colour?
The first one should not have been sent as you received it = minus 1 M&S. The replacement and 'keep the other one' = plus 1 M&S. All square.
Years since I bought from M&S, I'm sorry, but they are not what they were 40 years ago.
P.S. I hope the jumpers were different colours, too.
That’s great customer service.

I had similar with Boden. I bought a jacket and the lining split after one wearing. I emailed and they sent a replacement and told me not to bother sending back the original. They also refunded me £50 as the price had gone down since I bought it.

I was very pleased.
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Same colour Jordain. Why a different colour?
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Well done Clover. Good result from Boden.
I assume you have disposed of the creased one ?

Or are you wearing it ... creases and all ?
If it were a different colour you would have 2 different jumpers to wear. :)
Most women of my age (80) used to buy nearly all their clothes from M and S when we were younger, but now I struggle to find anything I like. They have lost a lot of customers by not looking after us as we have got older.
Ah yes, the good old days when M&S wouldn't take credit cards.
the good old days when their womens clothes used to fit, not any more, except the jacket i bought for winter, that was oversized anyway so i could get jumper underneath, and was a bargain at 59 quid. I keep on getting M & S e mails now.....
Glad you got your jumper replced, Tilly.
My Mum used to moan she could never find anything suitable in M&S. That was 14 years ago! She was disappointed in their clothes range. Now and again, you can find that special something.
Love their food range, though. I'd think the majority of us would be sad if we were to lose all our M&S.
I have stopped using M&S. The quality is really poor now. And the sizing is dreadful. I have found some much better sites. Roman originals is my favourite. Good quality, well packed and reasonably priced. I can buy stuff knowing it will fit. This sound like as advert!!!!
I bought a load of my favourite beer from Sainsburys, when it was delivered, not in boxes but carrier bags, you could smell beer. We looked and found a couple where the crown caps were loose, the delivery driver said, We'll call it 6 and they'll refund your account, I'll leave you to dispose of the 6 damaged bottles! They refunded the 6 at the full price too, not the offer price.
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That's a great bargain Zebo. We'll done that delivery man for being sensible and boosting customer relations.
I like certain bits of M&S clothing...their linen stuff is very nice, I have a fair few items, and two long line linen dresses bought last year for a family trip to France which for obvious reasons never materialised. The dresses have never yet been worn.
I also have every colour they had in the tapered leg linen trousers, they fit me perfectly.
I bought a pale grey duvet coat too, which has proved invaluable during the winter, and one of their lighter weight three quarter padded coats in yellow.
And I still buy all my undies from them.
All in all I’m a fan of M&S, you just need to be choosy.

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This Is Not Just A Jumper. It's An M&S Jumper.

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