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Barmaid | 18:02 Fri 11th Sep 2020 | Shopping
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I need to have something delivered to someone which I am proposing to have delivered by Amazon. However, I do not wish this person to have my address.

Does anyone know if this is possible. I am concerned that they may include a delivery note with the billing address/sender's address on.


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Totally incognito or are you happy for your name to be given?
I think you could send as a gift.
I am a prime member so it make be different but they seem to have stopped putting any paperwork in any parcel unless you add a gift note...of course that's if the item is sold by amazon or the seller uses their delivery service.
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Unfortunately, the items do not have a gift option because of their nature (just to avoid any speculation I need to send some packing crates to someone to retrieve some personal items).

I dont mind my name being shown, I just do not want to reveal my address.
Change your Amazon address to your business address or a ‘false’ address?
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I could do that but won't the address need to be the same as the card I use? The billing address is the one I am concerned about.

I might just have to send a friend the money and get them to order the stuff.
// I might just have to send a friend the money and get them to order the stuff.//

yeah I would do that - presumably they wd know you wish to be incognita

I can usually find out who send me stuff - a nice leather wallet had 200 ringitt ( singapore I think ) which is worth about 70p - and I thought I should send it back to the fella....
In your circumstances, I think that would be the best idea.
Your suggestion is probably best, although I don’t recall any paperwork in any of the gazillion packages I have received but I wouldn’t risk it.
Is the item from Amazon or another seller? If another seller use the contact seller option and ask them not to put your address on the invoice. Recently none of my Amazon parcels have not had an invoice enclosed
None of my invoices have ever had my billing address identified as far as I can remember

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